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Sydney Watson is a Commentator
Sydney Watson is from Australia
Sydney Watson is female
Sydney Watson created their account in 2018
Sydney Watson is a Content Creator on YouTube

Sydney Lyons Watson (born: June 25, 1993 (1993-06-25) [age 29]) is an Australian-American right-wing YouTuber and political commentator.

Personal Life

She was born in Melbourne, Australia to conservative parents. She attended the University of Melbourne and graduated with degrees in Criminology and Journalism. In university she gained attention after speaking out against the petition to remove the Facebook page "Hotties of Melbourne university" - she told Business Insider and Daily Mail that it was "flattering" rather than sexist[1].

She now resides in Texas. She is also a victim of sexual abuse[2], and talked about her experiences in the video "I blame him not all men". She said that while she was a victim, it wasn't a fair excuse to demonize all men. She spoke about this in a Jubilee video[3].

Sydney is an atheist.


She started out making music covers in 2011 but stopped uploading. She made a new channel in 2018 moved on to making political commentary through a conservative perspective. She is anti-social justice[4], anti-feminism[5], anti multiculturalism[6] and pro-gun[7]. She is against the #MeToo movement as she believes it ruins workplaces[8] and organized the March For Men movement[9]. She[10] criticizes[11] feminists[12] that[13] demonize[14] men[15]. She is also against anti-white racism[16] and promoted the South African white genocide conspiracy theory[17].

She is critical of "transgender ideology"[18] and Australian laws on gender expression and identity[19].

When she traveled to the United States she was detained at the border by the FBI along with Avi Yemeni, who was deported[20]. Her views also resulted in her being kicked out by her landlord[21].

You Are Here Podcast

Sydney co-hosted the show You Are Here with Elijah Schaeffer on BlazeTV from September 2021 to March 2022. Guests on the show include Chrissie Mayr, Savanah Hernandez, John Doyle, Alex Jones, Sara Gonzales, Gothix, Eric July, Kyle Rittenhouse and Actual Justice Warrior. The channel suffered two strikes and was nearly terminated.

Sydney missed several episodes due to illness in March 2022, and the show was put on hiatus. She later admitted that she quit the show, but did not explain why.

Sydney has been criticized for her attitude on the show towards her younger guests, such as John Doyle, Nicholas J. Fuentes and Kai Clips. Due to this, many viewers on the show have requested Sydney be replaced, and some boycotted the show altogether.

In 2022, Ethan Ralph was set to be a guest on the show, but pulled out due to a rape allegation against him, as well as fearing that Nick Rekieta, a Youtuber who he had an online feud with, was planning to ambush him. He then stated that he changed his mind and wanted to appear, but Elijah refused, so Ethan went to the BlazeTV studio and attempted to ambush Elijah. He recorded Elijah on a stream but he ignored him. Ralph then ridiculed his walk, and called him a homosexual on Telegram.

Jack Murphy Controversy

In December 2021, Jack Murphy was a guest on You Are Here. Sydney read a superchat asking Jack about a cuckolding article that he wrote years prior, describing his experience setting up a Tinder date to have sex with his wife. Jack refused to speak on the article, and then repeatedly swore at Sydney, screaming "Fuck You for bringing this up! Fuck you fuck you! Heartfelt!". The outburst went viral and Jack was ridiculed, as he presents himself as an alpha male. Right before the show signed off, Jack quickly got up and walked off of the set. TheQuartering later exposed Jack for uploading videos to Chaturbate, that showed Jack masturbating with a dildo in his butt. A clip from Chrissie Mayr's Wet Spot with Jack looking uncomfortable after Chrissie mentioned making a sex tape went viral.

Jack was later exposed to be John Goldman, a Jewish man, despite referring to himself as Irish. John later attempted to get Sydney fired from BlazeTV by tagging Glenn Beck(despite him not being the CEO). John's organization, Liminal Order, lost hundreds of members within days, and he left the internet. This resulted in massive ridicule due to him encouraging masculinity towards his followers.

Brittany Venti later interviewed Mr. Dickenballs, the superchatter who sent the superchat.


  • Her parents named her after the city of Sydney, Australia.
  • Her mom is American and her dad is Australian, so she has dual citizenship.
  • She has a WordPress account called "Be Brave" where she has poems talking about love and heartbreak.
  • She plays the piano and has recorded multiple covers in 2011.
  • She speaks French.
  • She has worked as a guest contributor on the Sky News programs Outsiders and Hardgrave.
  • She is friends with Elijah Scheaffer, and has appeared on his podcast multiple times.
  • Her favorite anime is Attack on Titan[22].
  • On February 9, 2022, Sydney mentioned Wikitubia while she was on the You Are Here podcast[23].