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What is up guys, it’s Sykkuno here!


Thomas (born: June 4), better known online as Sykkuno, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who mainly plays video games. He has played with Twitch streamers/YouTubers such as Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) and members of Offline TV. As of June 2020, Sykkuno mainly focuses on streaming games (such as Minecraft, Valorant, League of Legends, and Among Us) and also streams some Just Chatting content.


Early during Sykkuno’s YouTube career, he played League of Legends. In August 2014, LilyPichu, a member of Offline TV, posted an image showing her and Sykkuno on the hub. In an Offline TV podcast posted on June 7, 2020, Sykkuno and Lily talk more about the image and how Sykkuno gave Lily an "OMEGA NUT" because he thought “Lily must be hard to impress”. In late 2019, Sykkuno switched to streaming on Twitch and started posting highlights on his channel. These highlights would feature Sykkuno and his friends usually playing with each other.

On May 27, 2020, Sykkuno was put on a show named the Rajjchelor (now Love or Host) that was hosted by a Twitch streamer named Rajjpatel (now Austin). In the show, women choose love or host for a male contestant (love being that they have feelings for the contestant and want more and host being that the woman just wanted to get “clout”). In Sykkuno’s Rajjchelor, all the women in the show chose love and also got a good time. After the show, some of Sykkuno’s friends say “one Rajj show” joking at how big he is.


  • He is considered to have a higher female audience than most of his friends.
  • He was the first-ever person to get all loves on Love or Host (The Rajjchelor).
  • His real name is Thomas as revealed by QuarterJade during a stream but prefers to be called Sykkuno
  • He is of Chinese and Vietnamese descent


  • "Um..."
  • ”I’m a streamer for fun.”
  • ”I’m a small streamer for fun.”
  • "I just got lucky"
  • "Girls just aren't into me like that"
  • "Good enough 4 me"
  • "I'm just over for dinner"
  • "I just got new lights"
  • "The uber bill is getting expensive"
  • "I need to pay my water bill guys"
  • "That's more than I make in a week"(Replying to the question, "What's Hot Stuff?") "Yvonnie
  • "*covers his mouth with his hand everytime he laughs*"
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