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TBJZL has more than One Million Subscribers
TBJZL plays video games
TBJZL is a Musician
TBJZL is a Vlogger
TBJZL is a Reactor
TBJZL is a channel that Plays Sports
TBJZL makes prank videos
TBJZL is from England
TBJZL is male
TBJZL created their account in 2011
TBJZL is a Content Creator on YouTube

Yo guys what's going on, Tobi here or TBJZL...

―Tobi's Intro

Tobit John "Tobi" Brown[1] (born: April 8, 1993 (1993-04-08) [age 29]), better known online as TBJZL (short for Tobjizzle), is an English YouTuber best known for his FIFA gaming videos. He is a member of the Sidemen.


Tobi was born in Hackney[2], London. He has two brothers and three sisters. As children, their family had very little money. Tobi and his five siblings have Nigerian heritage and were raised as Christians. Tobi is the only known religious member of the Sidemen.

Tobi attended St. Dominic's Catholic Primary School from 1997 until 2004. When he was a child, Tobi was interested in flight simulator games and aspired to become an air traffic controller. This was where his interest in gaming began and his first proper games console was a PlayStation Portable. When he was 11, Tobi began attending Bexley Grammar School which is where he became friends with Josh. In his GCSEs, he achieved 7 As, 4 Bs and also got 1 C in Latin.

Tobi has been a fan of Manchester United F.C. for most of his life and was a part of many junior football teams when he was younger. His love of football has stuck ever since and he is now sometimes referred to as "Black Goalie" due to his good goalkeeping skills in football video challenges. His actual preferred position in football is as a striker.

Tobi started studying computing at Coventry University in 2011. He is a relatively shy person so he isn't as loud and extroverted as his friends.

Until the late-2010s, Tobi adamantly stood by the fact that his real name was "Tobi Lerone". This was initially to protect his privacy but it became impossible to keep it up. It was simply an alias that is based on the Swiss chocolate called Toblerone[3]


Tobi joined YouTube in 2011 after he saw Josh gaining traction. He initially had no interest in it but is now primarily a FIFA gamer and streams regular gameplay on YouTube and Twitch. Tobi was part of the original five Sidemen and has been part of the group since October 2013. In addition to his gaming videos, Tobi posts real-life videos with his brothers and the rest of the Sidemen.

Tobi's success on YouTube allowed him to move into the Stratford Halo Tower in May 2015 where he lived for most of the rest of the decade.

In 2019, Tobi formed a clothing line called ILLVZN. In February 2020, he made a song with his brother Manny and his sister Janellé called Destined For Greatness - it was directed by Konstantin.

Subscriber Battles

TBJZL vs Behzinga vs Zerkaa

Since around late 2019, Behzinga has been in a subscriber battle with TBJZL and Zerkaa to see which channel can hit 4 million subscribers first. At first, it was mention by Ethan that he challenged Josh to see who can reach 4 million subscribers, which Ethan overtook Josh in January 2020. After overtaken Josh, Ethan set is sights on Tobi for his race to 4 million subscribers.

In May 2020, Josh made a return to his main channel in a video called QUICKFIRE ASSUMPTIONS CHALLENGE... I HAVE To Answer EVERYTHING!, where he's going to upload every Thursday which he named Zerkaa Thursdays to catch up and overtake with Ethan and Tobi.

In August 2020, Tobi would he 4 million subscribers, but Ethan eventually overtake Tobi after a few days late and is now currently still a head of the three.


  • On his second Twitter profile @TBJZL, he refers to himself as "Tobi Lerone". This is an alias that is based on Swiss chocolate called Toblerone. He joked that this was his actual name.
  • Tobi has a combined total of more than 4.6 million subscribers across his two YouTube channels. 
  • Tobi's first gaming console was a PSP.
  • He has known Zerkaa since secondary school.
  • He is featured in the 'Man Don't Care' music video along with D-Dot Shifty and JME.
  • He is a Christian and claims that without God, he is "nothing" (via Twitter bio). He confirmed this in his 'Googling Myself' video, saying that he was born into a Christian family and that the religion's morals and values have shaped him into the person he is today, although he still respects people that are non-religious.
  • On July 28, 2019, Tobi became the Second Fastest Entertainer 
  • He is a fan of Manchester United and Boston Celtics
  • He is sometimes referred to as "Black Goalie", due to his good goalkeeping skills in football challenges, even though his actual preferred position in football is a striker.
  • On February 6, 2020, Tobi released a song with his brother and sister named 'Destined For Greatness'. It reached number one trending and number 31 on the UK singles charts.
  • Tobi featured on KSI's Wake Up Call Yoshi remix with Trippie Redd and P Money.
  • He is the second shortest member of The Sidemen right ahead of Vik.