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TIGERSUSHIRECORDS is an independent record label based in Paris, France. They have released music by MU, Ivan Smagghe, Poni Hoax, Pierre Bastien, DyE, The Faulty Shotgun, John Tejada, among others. They are mostly knowed for Dye - Fantasy. The label never showed there real face.


At the start, He didn't had a lot of views, But when he made an Offical Video called: Dye - Fantasy, The video has over 52 million views.

Dye - Fantasy

The music video begins with a group of young teenagers sneaking into a local pool. Two of the young adults were shown kissing and one goes as far as to put his hand into his girlfriend's swimsuit. We are then introduced to a brown-haired girl, who, instead of kissing her boyfriend, chooses to jump into the water.

When she resurfaces from the water, she immediately began to notice that all of her friends were possessed by worm-like aliens, and she immediately goes back into the water. 

This time, however, instead of resurfacing at the local pool, she instead finds herself in another world. Without any warning, she soon locked eyes with a gigantic worm monster in the distance. Her eyes explode, because she was unable to comprehend what she was seeing.

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