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Channel 7 of Buenos Aires, better known by its commercial name Televisión Pública Argentina, is an Argentine open television channel. It began its broadcasts on October 17, 1951 and is owned by the Federal Public Media and Content System, through Radio and Television Argentina. Currently, it operates under the LS 82 TV license. It was the first television station to operate in the country and, currently, it is one of two open signal channels (along with Channel 12 of Trenque Lauquen) that are operated directly by the National Executive Power.

The channel to which the channel is affiliated, Argentine Public Television, is the network of stations with greater coverage in the country. Its program is general, with emphasis on sports, cultural, educational and fiction activities, in addition to having its own news service.


In the channel programs and commercials of the channel are uploaded.


  • It is the Argentine channel with the most uploaded videos, with 126,000 videos.
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