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takeSomeCrime is a YouTube personality famous for his many dance videos, which he posts under the alter egos of Forsythe, Guile and Ogg/Ogg Voldo. His most popular video, a dance to Parov Stelar's song Catgroove, has over 37 and a half million views.

Although not much is known about him, it is known that his first name is Mike (according to his facebook page ("Some say Mike, some say TSC.")), he is Canadian, is aged 28, knows karate, plays guitar, and that he currently lives in Australia. He performs under three different monikers: Forsythe (style is typically electro-jazz or Charleston, usually wearing a suit and bearing a cane), Guile (a more hardcore style of dancing with emphasis on gymnastics or break-dancing) and Ogg/Ogg Voldo (outlandish and different styles of dancing, incorporating features from both the aformention personas - Ogg Voldo is usually reserved for the most extreme dances).

He works with Agency4Artists and has featured in numerous commercials (such as and has also danced for the British band Monarchy at the Coachella festival (, as well as being in close contact with the band Parov Stelar who he helped promote via his 'Catgroove' video.

takeSomeCrime's personal life is mostly kept secret, but he has made it known through interviews that he is straight (and in a relationship), and has an abiding love for food and Japan. However, he has recently done a podcast interview ( where he revealed much about himself and stated he wanted to open up to his community more.

Some noteworthy examples of takeSomeCrime's work:




Ogg Voldo: