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Talia Mar is a Musician
Talia Mar makes beauty videos
Talia Mar is a Vlogger
Talia Mar plays video games
Talia Mar is from England
Talia Mar is female
Talia Mar created their account in 2010
Talia Mar is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hey guys it's Talia, welcome back to my channel, today...

―Talia's intro

Natalia Margaret Haddock (born: November 6, 1996 (1996-11-06) [age 25]), better known online as Talia Mar, is an English YouTuber, singer, songwriter, and internet personality.


Talia started posting to her YouTube channel, Talia Mar, in September 2016. She has a sister named Angele and once got a tattoo from reality star Romeo Lacoste.

She released her debut EP, titled "Tough Decisions", in 2017. She previously posted her music on YouTube where she has now amassed over 588,000 subscribers. She is friends with Freya Nightingale and Gee Nelson. She is also great friends with all of the Sidemen.

Personal Life

She has a sister named Angele and once got a tattoo from reality star Jay Hutton. She also has another tattoo on her finger of Roman numerals. In mid-2017, Talia started dating fellow YouTuber Miniminter.


  • Her favourite colour is orange.
  • She has stated that she is dyslexic.
  • She has more than 600K followers on her Instagram page.
  • She has released five singles, and an EP called Tough Decisions.
  • Talia features in KSI's album 'New Age' on the song 'Real Name'.
  • She has eczema, a skin condition that causes the skin to become itchy, rough, and inflamed.
  • Talia also features on a track with fellow YouTubers Miniminter and Randolph called 'Survive The Night' 
  • She has two highlighters, and a skincare collection with Ofra.
  • Her username comes from the fact that Talia is short for her first name; Natalia, and Mar is short for her middle name; Margaret.
  • Her YouTube username is nataliahaddock.
  • She is bisexual, and has stated this multiple times on streams in the past.