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Steven Carl Cash † (November 14, 1979 - April 16, 2020 [aged 40]), better known online as stevecash83, was an American YouTuber and musician who has created videos of his pets: Sylvester, Gibson, Shelby, Random Kitty, Gibbyson and GG. His series, Talking Kitty Cat, has garnered 40 million views. The main characters of the series were Sylvester and Steve. Steve's first video was The Mean(er) Kitty Song, uploaded in 2007. He had another channel, stevecashblog, which was his blog channel. He sometimes uploaded Talking Kitty Cat related videos on that channel as well.

In his videos, Steve usually talked to his cat, Sylvester, about something important happening, with Sylvester not caring at all. Steve usually talked only to Sylvester in his videos, because despite his grumpy nature, he is the most talkative pet in the house. Sylvester usually spent his time writing in his diary, sleeping, eating or planning how to get rid of other pets.

Steve Cash died on April 16, 2020 from committing suicide by depression at age 40.


Steve lived with his cats in Nampa, Idaho. He was married to Celia DeCosta Cash, who had made very few appearances in his videos. Though Steve and Celia never had children of their own, Celia has several children from past relationships, which have since had children of their own, which made Steve both a stepfather and step-grandfather.

Steve suffered from bipolar disorder, which he had gone into detail about, also explaining why he would sometimes go months without uploading videos.


Steve Cash died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on April 16, 2020 at the age of 40. His wife confirmed his death on her Facebook page.[1]


  • Sylvester (born: October 31, 2007 (2007-10-31) [age 12]), is a black cat with a cynical behavior. He is the most talkative out of all pets and also Steve's oldest pet. He is mean towards other pets, as he sometimes plots how to get rid of them. His original owner was Todd, who put Sylvester on craigslist, and Steve adopted him. Even though he hates everyone, he sometimes shows that he cares for his family, but wants to be shown as mean, scary kitty cat. He is also very smart, as he is seen using computers, phones, knows how to open all doors, he writes in his diary (though his writings are scribbles). Despite this, he doesn't know how calendar works, so most of his diary date entries have random dates like: Octombuary 39rd.
  • Shelby (born: July 8, 2009), is a black lab. She is very playful, she loves Sylvester and protects him, even though he doesn't love her back. Though being a dog with good nature, she is often destructive and causes a lot of mess. On a video released August 17, 2019, Steve revealed that Shelby had gone completely blind. After Steve's death, Shelby was given to his bandmate Darcy, whom she currently resides with.
  • Gibson (born: September 27, 2010 - April 2, 2016), was a ragdoll cat, and as Steve said, his best friend. He was better behaved than Sylvester, and much more playful. He was also a scardy cat as he was scared of almost everything, Todd and spiders in particular. He died due to a urinary track infection, which he had been battling for years. The name "Gibson" comes from a popular brand of guitars..
  • Random Kitty (born: 2015), is a cat that randomly appeared in Steve's backyard (thus the name). Though he had more pets than he was allowed to have, he took her in to find her real owner. As he was unable to and she had already grown to a full grown cat, he decided to keep her. When she appears in the videos, she usually speaks a lot of random words while Steve is talking to her. She also seems to be a little bit paranoid, as she is sometimes playful with everyone, and the next moment she starts hitting everyone. She mated with Gibson before he died and had 5 kittens.
  • Gibbyson (born: March 27, 2016), is Gibson's son. Out of all 5 kittens, Random Kitty chose the gray one to stay at home, while the rest were given away, and he got the name Gibbyson, meaning Gibson's son. Like his dad, he is well behaved. He is often seen with his mom as she still licks him, even though he is larger than her at his point.
  • GG (born: 2018), is a kitten from one of Random Kitty's kitten, which Steve decided to adopt. Her name is short for Gibson's Granddaughter.
  • Ibanez (born: 2008), was a ragdoll cat. He was arguably one of Sylvester's only friends. Steve revealed in December 2008, that he left Ibanez outside one day and he never came back. It is possible that he got picked up by a new owner. Just like with Gibson, the name "Ibanez" comes from a popular brand of guitars.
  • Todd is Steve's nemesis and Sylvester's original owner. Sylvester loves him as he used to give Sylvester catnip everyday and until Sylvester died from overdose. When Sylvester got reborn into his 3rd cat life he still remembered him. Todd often spies on Steve and tries to kidnap his pets.


  • Steve Cash was a member of the band Pause For The Cause as the guitarist.
  • Steve's wife, Celia has Grasartophobia which is a fear of tumbleweeds.
  • Steve is also a comedian.
  • Steve Cash died on April 16, 2020 from committing suicide by gunshot to chest at age 40.


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