Tamago2474 is an Animator
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Tamago2474 is from England
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Tamago2474 created their account in 2009
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Hey guys Tamago here.

―Simi's intro

Simi Adeshina (born: February 10, 1999 (1999-02-10) [age 22]), better known online as tamago2474, is a Nigerian-English gaming YouTuber and former animator.


The first part of his username (Tamago) originates from the Japanese toy "Tamagotchi".

The three first numbers of his username (247) come from his username on a game he played when he was younger, the numbers there (247) were the same as the username of someone he had a crush on, therefore, he wanted to have those numbers too.

The last part of his username (4) came from when he had a Neopets Shoyru. In the NC Mall, there was a blue hair bow. Tamago2474 bought the blue hair bow and only had a few Neocash left. Tamago2474 saw there was a new hair bow. It was red and it sparkled. tamago2474 decided to make a new Neopets account to get Neocash in order to buy the red sparkling hair bow. He had to create a new username and thought that adding a 4 at the end of the previous number sounded nice. That was how he got the username "tamago2474".

Why 2474?

Why 2474? is an April fools video "explaining" why his numbers are 2474.

You start with a one, then you duplicate the one (so there are two ones) then you put one of the ones away and double the other one to make a 2, then you duplicate the two (so there are two 2's.) next you take one of the 2's, square it to get 4, then you wanna triplicate the 4 (so you got 3 fours), then double one of the 4's to get 8, and then subtract the one from the beginning to get 7, then you arrange the numbers and then you have 2474.

Featured By KSI

tamago2474 raised in popularity when KSI included his Animation of when KSI almost burnt down his house.

He tried to get this animation to KSI but he didn't notice it until a lot later.

For more information check out Why I Stopped Animating (And Why I Started).


  • Tamago means "egg" in Japanese.
  • He is of Nigerian descent.
  • He has an older sister and a younger brother.
  • He is known for "The Neopets experience" where he plays Neopets
  • His current Neopet is Brightlegs.
  • He loves Playstaion
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