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Tanya Zhang (born: February 9, 1996 (1996-02-09) [age 23]) formerly known as ASkylitAvenue, is a Canadian YouTube vlogger, Much Music Creator, and internet personality who has been filming vlogs, challenges, collabs, baking, inspirational, and other entertaining videos since December 2011. anya is well known for referencing and using "marinated bean salad" in her videos. Her videos often include special guest, Sploot, her Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy.

YouTube History

On December 24, 2011, Tanya uploaded her first YouTube video which was a lip dub to Taylor Swift's popular track, "Mine." In March 2012, where she began to post travel vlogs of herself in San Francisco, New York City, and Disney World. Soon after, she uploaded her first big hit video, which was a My Strange Addiction parody that received a lot of negative comments at first, due to a rumour that it was a real episode. It wasn't until February 2013 when Tanya became more active with her channel. From September 2013 to October 2014, Tanya uploaded a new video every 2–3 days. Since enrolling in university in the fall of 2014, Tanya now uploads every Wednesday and Saturday.

Much Music

In October of 2015, a press release revealed that Tanya has been signed by Much Music as one of their Much Creators. Her biography can be found here.


Tanya's channel began to rapidly grow in June 2013 when her Smoothie Challenge went viral across YouTube. In July 2013, Tanya hit 1,000 subscribers. The trend continued as she hit 2,000 in August 2013, 3,000 in September 2013, and 4,000 in October 2013. In January 2014, for the first time ever, Tanya hit both of the 6,000 and 7,000 subscriber milestone marks in a single month. On April 2, 2014, Tanya hit 10,000 subscribers. On the last week of June 2014, Tanya reached 14,000 subscribers. A week later, she hit 15,000, which was the quickest she's ever gained 1,000 subscribers. Until five days after that when she hit 16,000. Tanya now has over 72,000 subscribers. Below are Tanya's top 5 most popular videos:


View Count
The Smoothie Challenge 830,000+*
I Got A Corgi Puppy! (Vlog) 330,000+*
The Cupcake Roulette Challenge 200,000+*
The Tin Can Challenge 185,000+*
The Mystery Drink Challenge 130,000+*


Tanya is well known for collabing with her friends to complete challenge videos. Marinated bean salad is frequently used and referenced in her videos with her friend Ashlie . Tanya has also been known to create original challenges that are also very popular. Below is a list of all of the challenges that Tanya has done on her channel, from oldest to most recent.


Date Added

Featured Friend

Marinated Bean Salad Present?

The Accent Challenge Dec 31, 2011 Brittany No
The Ugly Face Challenge (Original) March 12, 2013 Sydney No
The Smoothie Challenge March 22, 2013 Ashlie Yes
The Cotton Ball Challenge April 21, 2013 Bo No
3am Thoughts Challenge (Original) April 21, 2013 N/A No
The "What Is It?!" Challenge May 26, 2013 Ashlie No
The Tin Can Challenge May 26, 2013 Ashlie Yes
Guess That Smell Challenge (Original) July 13, 2013 Ryan, Ashlie No
Awkward Phone Calls Challenge July 19, 2013 Ashlie No
Keeping It Up Challenge August 25, 2013 Ashlie Yes
The Baby Food Challenge Sept. 13, 2013 Ashlie No
The Urban Dictionary Challenge Oct. 4, 2013 Renaud No
The Photobooth Challenge Nov. 23, 2013 Ashlie No
Present Wrapping Challenge Dec. 21, 2013 Ashlie No
Gingerbread House Challenge Dec. 24, 2013 Ashlie No
Guess That Emoji Challenge Feb. 23, 2014 Brittany No
Cupcake Roulette Challenge March 10, 2014 Ashlie Yes
The Theme Song Challenge April 26, 2014 Cameron, Sydney No
The Weird Fruit/Veggie Challenge May 23, 2014 Bo No
The Wooden Spoon Challenge June 25, 2014 Bo No
The Hotel Room Challenge July 8, 2014 Emmy No
The Bean Boozled Challenge July 12, 2014 Ashlie No
The Ugly Face Challenge 2 Aug. 14, 2014 Sydney No
The Bean Boozled Challenge 2 Oct. 31, 2014 Brooke-Lynn, Kaylie No
The Blindfolded Gingerbread House Challenge Dec. 20, 2014 Brooke-Lynn No
The One Arm Wrapping Challenge Dec. 22, 2014 Ashlie No
The Whisper Challenge Dec. 27, 2014 Ashlie No
Mystery Drink Challenge Feb. 9, 2015 Ashlie No
The No-Thumbs Challenge April 11, 2015 Ashlie No
Guess That Body Part April 18, 2015 Ashlie Yes
Twin Telepathy Challenge May 23, 2015 Ashlie No
7 Second Challenge May 31, 2015 Zedakiah No
The Newly Weds Challenge June 6, 2015 Ashlie No
Blindfolded Pumpkin Carving Challenge Oct. 28, 2015 Ashlie No
The Pie Face Challenge Dec. 5, 2015 Ashlie No
The Pringles Ring Challenge Dec. 9, 2015 N/A No
5 Second Rule Challenge Dec. 12, 2015 Ashlie, Brittany Yes
Guess The Phobia Challenge Dec. 16, 2015 Chelsi, Carine No
7 Second Challenge (Dan & Phil's App) Dec. 18, 2015 Christian No
Lifesize Jenga Challenge Dec. 19, 2015 Ashlie Yes
Christmas Whispers Challenge Dec. 25, 2015 Ashlie No


On October 15, 2013, Tanya opened a new channel (VlogAvenue) dedicated to any vlogs that didn't make it onto her main channel. On January 5, 2013, Tanya stated that she will begin "daily-ish" vlogging on this channel on the days where she does not have school. So far, the channel has 33 videos and 2,000+* subscribers.


On July 21, 2013, Tanya auditioned for a collab channel SimpleCollab) which was created by fellow collab-mate, Simon Karterud. Sometime later, it was announced that Tanya made it into the collab and would upload every Tuesday. On August 27, 2013, Tanya posted her first introduction videoon the channel where she beat her own record of saying the alphabet backwards in 2.2 seconds. The channel has 1,200+* subscribers, 67,000+* views, and is currently inactive. It ended sometime in March 2014.


On January 24, 2014, Tanya announced the launch of a new channel by popular demand (ASkylitGames) dedicated to the gameplay of Minecraft and The Sims 3. Tanya notes that her gaming channel is unique from others as she offers to film episodes of Minecraft with fellow fans. During the summer of 2015, Tanya announced that she will no longer be using this channel. The channel has three videos and 800+* subscribers.

P.O. Box

On November 10, 2013, Tanya revealed her new P.O. Box and allowed fans to send in letters. In the video, she explains that packages will be shown in future videos. So far, Tanya has uploaded two episodes of opening her P.O. Box. She also handwrites back to every viewer who sends in a package and/or letter.

Letters and packages can be sent to:


P.O. Box 32086 London Po

Westbank, BC, V4T 3E0



On August 2, 2015, Tanya was interviewed on The Doug & Lisa Show about her life as a YouTuber, and what her recent trip to Vidcon 2015 was like. In October 2015, Tanya was signed by Much Music as a Much Creator.

Other Social Networks

Below are the official social networks that are run by Tanya herself. Any others that claim to be her are fake.

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