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Tats TopVideos is a collaborative Top List YouTube channel.  


Tats TopVideos publish top lists about many different topics, such as anime, manga, video games, SCPS, creepypastas, phenomenons, myths, urban Legends, facts, movies, the paraonormal, lost tapes, technology, the government, unexplained events, among many others.  

Tops Crew Members


  • Top Creepypastas Lists
  • Top Informative Dangerous Lists
  • Top Informative Safe Lists
  • Top Tats Lists
  • Top Informative Game Related Lists
  • Top Scary Game Related Lists
  • Top Reasons Why I Enjoyed Lists
  • Top Ask Character Lists
  • Top SCPS Lists
  • Top Paranormal and Informative Lists
  • Top Comedic Lists


TatsMLP is an alternate YouTube channel of Tats, the main person in the Tats TopVideos YouTube Channel, in which she posts MLP, (My Little Pony), videos, becuase she is a Brony, as well as other random videos for the Tats Tops Crew.  


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Kenshin Mizuhara

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That Creepy Reading

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Sixxy X Music

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