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I Cleaned The World’s Dirtiest Beach -TeamSeas (or Team Seas, stylized as #teamseas) is another project created by MrBeast and Mark Rober. A dedicated video specifically for taking out plastic was released to MrBeast's main channel on October 29, 2021 at 4:00PM in North Carolina's timezone, a few days after the second anniversary of Team Trees. It is considered as MrBeast's 30 million subscriber special and the spiritual successor to Team Trees, though this time, MrBeast plans to clean the oceans and seas from plastic, with a goal of raising $30,000,000, with one dollar donated equalling to an entire pound of plastic removed from the oceans, rivers, and beaches. Like Team Trees, although it can't fully resolve the issue, it is still a step forward to improving the world's nature. The team will be working to help our marine environments in 2022.


Ever since Team Trees started, the viewers in the comment section said that in 2020, MrBeast should clean the oceans, though due to the COVID-19 pandemic happening in 2020, it wasn't feasible to start. Although the COVID-19 pandemic continued to exist, MrBeast and people in general got used to the COVID-19 era lifestyle, hence why it became easier to implement this project in 2021.

This project was initially revealed at a Colin & Samir interview.[1] On October 19, 2021, a video of MrBeast talking to creators was leaked.[2]

At the launch of the YouTube video "I Cleaned The World's Dirtiest Beach" on October 29, 2021 at 1PM Pacific Time, a lot of MrBeast/ocean-related YouTube videos from both big and small YouTubers, were uploaded at the same time. All of these videos were uploaded as a fundraiser specifically for Team Seas and pretty much all of them include a link to the Team Seas website itself where people could donate to the project.

Just from less than an hour alone, the project already raised $300,000, and has raised at least $3,000,000 from the first day. That number has doubled to $6,000,000 for the next 12 hours, then $10,000,000 on November 1, 2021. Theoretically, assuming the rate of the donations slightly goes down as time passes after the announcement of the project, the crew will still able to reach their goal by early-to-mid November 2021.

The project reached its goal on January 1, 2022.[3]

We did it! Now let's keep going. Come back anytime you feel like removing some trash!



With this project raising $30,000,000 before 2022, half of that money will be funded for the volunteer groups of the nonprofit organization Ocean Conservancy who will be removing the trash from the beaches and oceans, and the other half will be funded for the robotic machines (named Interceptors™) by The Ocean Cleanup who has been collecting the trash from the rivers since 2013, and has a goal of removing 90% reduction of floating ocean plastic by 2040. Moreover, The Ocean Cleanup also has their own recycling plan of converting trash to more valuable items, such as designer sunglasses.[4]


  • Team Seas rhymes with Team Trees.
  • Like Team Trees, Team Seas also has their own YouTube channel, although as of October 31, 2021, it has no content.
    • The channel was launched two weeks before the corresponding video of Team Seas and the Team Seas website themselves were officially launched.
  • 30 million pounds of trash covers roughly 85 football fields being a foot deep.
  • A Team Seas event was done by MrBeast with Dream onto the Dream SMP.
  • The #TeamSeas channel is verified despite not having 100k subscribers.

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