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Conan Christopher O'Brien (born: April 18, 1963 (1963-04-18) [age 61]),[1] better known online as Team Coco, is the official YouTube channel for the popular and successful late-night talk show CONAN on TBS.

As of December 2017, the channel has over 5 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion total video views, making it be one of the most subscribed and one of the most viewed YouTube channels of all time.


The channel is home to multiple clips from the show and its segments. Most of the content from the show is Conan's interviews with the multiple celebrity guests rather than the opening monologues.

Other members of the show include Andy Richter, who often does the announces for the show, and the Basic Cable Band, who preform all the music for the show, although there is often times a musical guest.

Bill Tull's Budget Tips[]

Hosted by Conan's propmaster Bill Tull, this segment shows some money-saving tips for certain events (Fourth of July, Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo). These tips are ridiculous and only loosely make sense. The camera will turn back to Conan's disgusted/confused reaction before announcing the next tip.

Example: Take a squeeze bottle of mayonnaise, write "SPF 50" on it: BOOM! Sunblock.

Celebrity Survey[]

In this segment, Conan has allegedly asked three different celebrities to finish a certain phrase, the results of which he reads to the audience. The first two will be relatively serious, will the third will be a ridiculous answer mocking the celebrity. Regular targets for mocking include Larry King, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Stephen Tyler, Chris Christie, Lindsay Lohan, Nicholas Cage, etc. Conan and Andy have actually provided their own responses in this skit.

Fan Corrections[]

In this skit, Conan will review a video sent from a fan claiming that they have found a fault with some of the information in one of his segments. Conan will then respond with a far-fetched explanation refuting the fan's response, and then challenging other viewers to finally find a flaw.


A hacker known as 'Lizard Squad' hacked YouTube on November 23, 2017, terminating the 'Team Coco' channel for about an hour. People thought this would be the end of YouTube until it was found that a hacker (Lizard Squad) hacked YouTube terminated multiple big channels, such as, iDubbbzTVDramaAlertPapa Jake, Styxhexenhammer666MrRepzion, and including Conan from Team Coco.