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Angry GrandpaAngry Video Game NerdAnimator VS. AnimationAnnoying OrangeAphmauasdfmovieBaby Lamb & FriendsBattle For Dream IslandBeastBoyShubBee and Puppy CatBelugabill wurtzBravest WarriorsBT21Buttered Side Down

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Captain SparklezCartoon BeatboxChannel AwesomeChuggaaconroyCliffSideCollege HumorCoryxKenshinCow of the WildCube SMPCyanide and HappinessClass T1T5DaniDanTDMDashieXPDead MeatDeceased YouTubersDhar MannDon't Hug Me I'm ScaredDrawfeeDream TeamDude Perfect

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EddsworldElement AnimationEpic Rap Battle ParodiesEpic Rap Battles of HistoryExplodingTNTFilthy FrankFine BrosFigglehornFlamingoFoil Arms and HogFilmcowFunnehGame GrumpsGame TheoryGameToonsGlitchtaleGreatest Freak Out Ever

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HermitcraftHobbyKids AdventuresHonest TrailersHow It Should Have EndedHowToBasicTTSiHasCupquakeImportant VideosInternecion CubeJackSepticEyeJaiden AnimationsJelle's Marble RunsJon Tron

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Kelsey ImpiccicheKnights of the MultiverseKSIKushowaLDShadowLadyLet's Split UpLifesimmerLlamas With HatsLet Me Explain Studioslonelygirl15LovejoyMariomario54321MarkiplierMcJuggerNuggetsMeta RunnerMike Mazinsky ShortsMinitubiaMLG ParodiesMonstercatMrBeastMurder DronesMy PrideMC Championship

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NoCopyrightSoundsNewScapeProNigaHigaOnisionOnyxKingOPD&DOversimplifiedoutsidexboxPencilmationPewDiePiePixelcraftianPlainrock124PoppyRayWilliamJohnsonRhett & LinkRoosterTeeth

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Salad FingersScary Story Time with LiamScott the WozSidemenSilvaGunnerSMG4SMLSmoshSomeThingElseYTStacyPlaysStampylongnoseStephen GeorgStumptTeam CraftedThe CreaturesTheOdd1sOutTobuscusTroye Sivan

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VanossVenturian TaleVinesauceVTubersWikitubiaWillcraft AnimationsYogscastYouTube OriginalsYouTube PoopZaibatsupediaZajcu37Zero Punctuation

Note that this footer features only a limited amount of YouTubers, because all of these YouTubers or YouTube phenomena have separate and extended wikis instead of just a single article page. These wikis are usually about big YouTubers who may have a lot of history or (fictional) content that can be covered. Here are some example/exceptions of what can get a wiki:

  • PewDiePie, mainly because he's been the most popular YouTuber for long and not only he has had a lot of history on YouTube (especially for certain events like PewDiePie vs T-Series), but he has good storytelling techniques that can be considered as lore. His Minecraft Epic series is a great example of what can be covered by a wiki, because it's both very popular and serial. Another example/exception is MrBeast, because not only he is popular, but there is some content that can be covered on his wiki, including the different projects he has done (MrBeast Burger or Team Trees), expensive challenges, and features notable affiliates, like Chris, Chandler, and Karl.
  • SML, ExplodingTNT, Animator vs. Animation, etc. Most of their major content is serial, which means that the lore inside their channels is continuous and essentially like a web television series, hence why such type of content can also be covered by a wiki. Some channels also feature fictional characters exclusive to their channels, so there can also be some sort of lore in that case, hence why they're covered by entire wikis.