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Temponaut Timelapse is a German YouTube channel that uploads a wide variety of real time-lapse videos.


Temponaut Timelapse primarily uploads time-lapses: while the vast majority of these document food decomposing, other themes are uploaded too, such as flowers blooming, the night sky, and others.

They upload timelapse videos weekly and on every Sunday.


They launched their YouTube channel on April 14, 2008, and started uploading videos on March 29, 2009. Though, they started gaining more recognition for their food time-lapse videos several years later.


  • Their profile picture represents an eye with a fast forward icon, which could be interpreted as a viewer watching one of their time-lapse videos.
  • They have a website where they alternatively upload their content. It is found at
  • Some of their videos are partially in German: for example, "Zeitraffer" means "time-lapse" in German.
  • They alternatively called themselves simply "Temponaut", "TEMPONAUT" or "TEMP0NAUT".

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