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Danielle Walker, better known online as TeraDactylGirl and formerly known as AwfulFanDactyl, is an American YouTuber and Animator from Southern California. She is best known for her animations based on SuperMarioLogan.


TeraDactylGirl started her YouTube Channel on February 3, 2014. She became popular in 2017 when she started making animations based on SuperMarioLogan which primarily revolved around the character Jeffy. In January 2020, Danielle announced that she lost interest in Jeffy as well as SuperMarioLogan in general and has moved on to other things she's interested in including Lord Rataxes from Babar.

What She Does

Besides being involved in the SML Community, TeraDactylGirl has made several animations based on other interests of her's including Camp Lazlo for example. Outside of YouTube, she is known for being an artist.

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