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Brian Michael Hanby (born: March 23, 1991 (1991-03-23) [age 28]), better known online as Terroriser or TheGamingTerroriser, is an Irish YouTuber who uploads gaming videos and occasionally vlogs. He created his account in 2011.


Brian is friends with many fellow content creators, such as H2ODelirious, Mini LaddLui CalibreVanossGaming and Daithi De Nogla, and many others. He does series on various games including Grand Theft Auto 5Mario Kart 8, SKATE 3Gmod (Hide & Seek, Prop Hunt, etc), 'Black Ops 3 Zombies (rarely), Golf-It! and most recently and Minecraft.  Brian on occasion vlogs, including Snapchat Q&As and regular vlogs. He also streams frequently on Twitch and on Youtube as well.

Shave My Balls song

Brian owns a soundboard as of early 2019 and has frequently used it to save soundclips of his friends saying funny things or make weird noises. In the video The DAITHI DE NOGLA "SHAVE MY BALLS" GMOD SOUNDBOARD SESSION! (Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Moments), Brian recorded Nogla saying the now famous phrase "Shave My Balls". It was used in 2 following videos as well, taking an enormous amount of fame.

Brian explained on Twitch and on Twitter how he was planning on changing the lay-out of several things such as his merch design as well as making a new outro. The new outro - a short jingle of the famous phrase along with some other soundclips - was first used on April 10th in the video NOGLA IS STUCK IN THIS GLITCH! (Human Fall Flat Funny Moments).

On April 25th he tweeted this. The tweet reached 10.000 retweets in a very short amount of time considering the full version was released just a day after the tweet.

On April 28th - just 2 days after the release - it reached #4 on Best Selling Charts in iTunes.


  • Brian has done impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hardy's Bane, Agent Smith and several other famous movie-characters.
  • Brian used to claim that he stole his internet connection from a nearby McDonald's as a joke.
  • Brian is a former Subway employee.
  • In an intro to a Golf It video published by BigJigglyPanda Brian joked about someone editing one of his Wiki pages to say Brian Micheal Handjob. Ask and you shall receive. 
  • He is in a relationship with Lanai Gara or Ms_Vixen on Twitch since June 17th 2015.

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: October 16th, 2015
  • 2 million subscribers: June 9th, 2017
  • 3 million subscribers: March 18th, 2019


  • "If Scott gets the boobis, I'm gonna get pissed. I want the boobis." (Normal voice)
  • "You have been targeted for terrorisation!" (Arnold voice)
  • "Come on, come on!" (Arnold voice)
  • "I think I'm in the fucking wrong movie!" (Arnold voice)
  • "Did somebody mention a chopper?" (Arnold voice)
  • "YEARGH! Nein! Nein! My name is Steiner!" (Arnold voice)
  • "I am the queen of Stiny penis!" (Arnold voice)
  • "My god Bruce, those are some serious man-titties." (Bane voice)
  • "I guess that's why we hired Ben Affleck for the new one..." (Bane voice)
  • "My god, is that Bruce Wayne? My goodness, you are bigger than Gotham itself." (Bane voice)
  • "There's only room for one muscly person around here, and that's- MY GOD LOOK AT THAT ASS! LOOK AT THAT ASS!" (Bane voice)
  • "Whatcha gonna do about it, ya little bitch-ass panzie?" (Bane voice)
  • "COMBO BREAKER!" (Bane voice)
  • (After being killed) "No, that's not fair, Bane was low on health." (GTA V)
  • "Mister Anderson, we've been expecting you... (*C4 Explosion*) God damn you mister Anderson, god damn you." (Mr. Smith voice)
  • "You're a faggot Anderson." (Hagrid voice)
  • "It's whateva you want it to be baby." (Arnold voice)
  • "Did somebody mention oral?" (Arnold voice)
  • "Alright, I'm just gonna do the Terroriser way. I'll be Evan and have Evan carry me to success!" (GMod)
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