That's Amazing has more than One Million Subscribers
That's Amazing is from the United States
That's Amazing is male
That's Amazing is female
That's Amazing created their account in 2012
That's Amazing is a Content Creator on YouTube

We are known for flipping a lot of stuff markers,water bottles You name it and we are also known for throwing a dart in to a hole of a basketball

―That's Amazing's tagline

That's Amazing is an American YouTube channel similar to Dude Perfect and How Ridiculous, but kid style. That's Amazing is a family that make different types of trick shots along with their siblings as a baby and two sisters. That's Amazing Kids. The channel has about over 3 million subscribers and over 250,000,000 views. Some videos are similar to Dude Perfect like stereotypes and a bunch trick shot in a video like Dude Perfect's videos. That's Amazing also have their tick next to their name so it is verified it is the real channel. They started their channel on May 12, 2012 and uploaded their first video on January 3, 2015.

Description (channel)

Welcome to That's Amazing! We are two brothers who love to make some incredible trick shots, and our siblings do, too! Some of our videos have been featured on shows such as Right this Minute, Inside Edition, and MLB Network's Intentional Talk. Colin's football video was posted on Matthew's image was displayed in People Magazine, and the introduction to our Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 3 video was included in Google's 2016 Year in Search video. We hope you like our videos, and if you do, please subscribe! Get some merch here!


  • Tommy in That's Amazing showed in a tutorial video how to make a DIY fidget spinner rubber band gun from one of their videos.
  • That's Amazing became live on February 10, 2017.
  • That's Amazing uploaded their first "Water Bottle Flip" video on August 18, 2016.


These are all That's Amazing Challenges. Matthew won every challenge they uploaded.

That's Amazing Challenges
No. Contest Winner
1 Crazy Basketball Matthew
2 Water Balloon Throwing Matthew
3 Trick Shots and baloon throwing Matthew
4 Blindfolded Challenge and dry by dunk  Matthew
5 Water Bottle Flip 1 amd 2 Matthew


Main Channel: That's Amazing

That's Amazing is the main channel and the channel they mostly use. They make stereotypes and trick shot videos and subscriber specials.


  • Matthew - Matthew is the main kid of the YouTube channel along with Tommy. He is the kid that does most of the trick shots in That's Amazing videos.
  • Tommy (main)
  • Maggie (sister)
  • Owen (brother)
  • Isabel (sister)
  • Colin (brother)
  • Hannah (baby sister)


Here are all of the siblings and their ages:

  • Tommy - 20
  • Maggie - 19
  • Matthew - 17
  • Isabel - 14
  • Colin - 8
  • Owen - 5
  • Hannah - 8 months