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This article, That Vegan Teacher, may contain material that is disturbing, such as animal abuse, racism, homophobia, religious discrimination, promotion of terrorism, and harassment.

Hello students, welcome to class!

―Kadie's intro

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer (born: September 24, 1964 (1964-09-24) [age 57]), better known online as That Vegan Teacher, is a Canadian YouTuber and former TikTok personality known for her controversial videos and statements about promoting veganism in anti-LGBTQ, and racist ways, as well as making several videos about other YouTubers who call her out for her rude way of promoting veganism.

Early life

Kadie was born in Montréal, Quebec, Canada on September 24th, 1964. During her life, she became a registered nurse for 25 years before attending Concordia University to become a ESL teacher in French-Canadian schools. She worked both jobs and eventually dropped her nursing career to work full time in the school system. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, she dropped out of her career and started her online career.


Kadie made her channel on July 21, 2018, and uploaded her first video on the same day.


Kadie forces those who aren't vegan, to become vegan — in her image and hers alone. She would often make videos about animal support, and would also make responses to those who have talked bad/exposed her and would persuade people to watch vegan documentaries. Since she used to be a teacher, she refers to her audience as "students", and grades people based on their actions — a check if their actions support her ideology; an 'x' if it opposes. Her ideology itself is that only vegans go to heaven (although she hypocritically states religions are false), and that everybody should be vegan and there is no possible excuse to not be. She has an animosity towards anyone who isn't vegan or do not conform to her expectations, and would call people "evil" or "animal abusers" if they continue to consume animals and their products.

During her controversy, a user on TikTok named @Makmarieg (Makayla) encouraged people to call news outlets and call the police, more specifically, the City of Montreal Police Service (Service de police de la Ville de Montréal) on Kadie due to her treatment of her dog, Bella. In another TikTok, she shared a DM between her and one of her followers saying that over 200 people have contacted the police and news outlets about Miss Kadie and her actions. Makayla also made a TikTok showing a email done by her that had been sent to CNN. Another TikTok was made showing the conversation between her and a CTV News worker. It was supposed to be aired on Jan. 21st, but it was not there on that day and was not mentioned.[1]

Opposed groups and people

The following is a list of individuals, groups, and organizations that Kadie has denounced.


Comments on organ donation

In September of 2020, Kadie came under fire for comments made on her account surrounding organ donation. In a TikTok, she said, "I’ve decided that there's no way on earth that I ever want any of you [meat eaters] to ever get my organs if I die." As a result, Kadie said that she decided that year to not sign her organ donor card for the first time. The video received more than 753,000 views on TikTok and over 100,000 on Twitter.


On December 15, 2020, TommyInnit made a TikTok about "being surrounded by many women in college", with a nervous glance. Most of Tommy's fans loved the video, amassing at closely 2 million likes. Kadie then responded to the TikTok saying, “Don’t be scared, Tommy. Just follow That Meat Teacher, Miss Tofu. She’ll help you find a nice vegan girl who will teach you what to do.” Tommy's fans then started to freak out at the random and even odd comment. Kadie then made a response video[2] on her channel, which targeted and back-lashed Tommy's fans. Some of the transcript read “Tommyinnit fans, what the fuck is the matter with you guys? You’re losing your minds! I saw some of the duets that you guys did, to that little 15-second video I did for him. What the fuck are you guys doing? Some of you are crying, some of you were punching the camera going fucking crazy. Some of you were like 'Fuck off! Stay away from Tommy!' You know he’s in college, I’m a teacher. I’m allowed to talk to him. You know what you should be crying about? The rape, the torture, and the murder on all of your plates.” Tommy has yet to make a response, but his fans are still reacting to the unexpected encounter. Kadie was accused of stalking Tommy on January 11, 2021, which caused many videos to be made about the situation.

She later went on to respond to Tommy when he made a TikTok showing off his YouTube Play Buttons to his audiences. Her responce said, "Tommy! The nice vegan girls don't want to see your buttons. But if you want them to play with your buttons, you're going to have to show them your fruits and your vegetables," then she held up an apple, a pear, and a cucumber; these foods were realized by the audience of the video to be resembling parts of a male's private part. As Tommy was 16 years old — a minor according to UK law — at the time Kadie spoke to him in a seemingly sexual manner, thus, her TikTok account was ultimately banned, as in some places this can define as sexual harassment.[3]

On April 19, 2021, Pyrocynical made a video featuring Tommy, in which the two reacted to one of Kadie's videos on veganism, only to laugh them off and make fun of her[4]. Furthermore, Tommy commented that he has no opinion on veganism and does not want to get involved because he has no interest on the subject.

Daz Games

On December 30, 2020, Daz Games made a reaction video criticizing and ridiculing Kadie. Only a few days later, on January 2, 2021, she responded with a video[5] defending herself. She stated that since his video had over 1 million views that the "vegan activists will take over the comments" which ultimately backfired, causing her to receive more hate. Daz made a final video about Kadie on January 9, 2021 responding to her video and directly telling her "You're brainwashed, you think that everyone is coming at you because of what you put in your mouth, it's what comes out of your mouth that we don't like". Near the end of his response video he had a diss track and later posted it as a separate video, ironically claiming that he's done making videos on her.


In January 2021, Kadie created a TikTok, talking about veganism once more. This time, she said[6] that "coming out as a vegan activist, is more special that coming out as LGBTQ". This was met by backlash from a ton of people, for example one such comment said: "Coming out as vegan is not as special as coming out as gay/lesbian. I am lesbian myself. Vegan is a diet, not a sexuality." Kadie then responded to the user's comment with "You’re absolutely wrong. Coming out as a vegan animal rights activist — as someone who cares beyond themself — is much more special than it is to come out as a member of the LGBTQ community. Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community is an entirely selfish[7] act. It’s talking about you only. It’s not talking about the things you’re going to do to better the world. Coming out as an animal rights activist is talking about the animals — others, not just you. In fact, it is a completely unselfish thing to do. Yes, I’m not saying [coming out as LGBTQ is] easy in different societies, and different religious backgrounds. But if you’re in a religion that treats you badly, just change your religion. We’ve been over this before. But look at my comments section. Think of how terribly vegan animal rights activists are treated. Not just me, all of them. Do better. Be kind to those who are being kind. Be vegan." The comment section was then full of roasts targeting Kadie. Even Unnatural Vegan's video defending her was mass disliked and roasted.

Gordon Ramsay

In January 2021, Kadie created a TikTok towards Gordon Ramsay, making a song that was really similar to the one she sang in front of a McDonald's restaurant. Ramsay then posted[8][9] a duet of the video, and eats a beef burger in front of Kadie, proving that he would not be vegan like the song states. Kadie then posted a response video that was taken down by TikTok.

On March 19, 2021, Ramsay released a video "Gordon Ramsay Goes Vegan...for steak???"[10], where he said he's temporarily going vegan for lunch. In the video, Ramsay cooks an eggplant steak and shows the ingredients to his recipe. However, Kadie took Ramsay out of context when he said he is "turning vegan" and congratulated him by singing "Apparently, he can't stop thinking of me! I live rent free inside...Gordon Ramsay!" After realizing that he wasn't actually going to become vegan, Kadie went on to slander Ramsay for the "murder" of animals, calling him "The Devil" and comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

On July 6, 2021, Kadie released a diss track against Ramsay on her YouTube channel. The video was overwhelmingly disliked with 11K dislikes before 1K likes. Comments were disabled on the video.


On January 2021, after Kadie attacked Gordon Ramsay, she attacked GeorgeNotFound on TikTok. She attacked George on a TikTok of him going out in the snow and requesting for likes. She may have did some digging of the Dream SMP's TikTok accounts and she found George's account, leading for her to respond. She responded to George, "Am I missing something? You want likes for walking in the snow? How about you stop paying for the rape, torture, and murder of innocent animals and be vegan. Then I'll like you." On February 2021, GeorgeNotFound decided to have the chance to do a video against Kadie. Just like what happened on Kadie's attack on Dream SMP Member TommyInnit, Minecraft YouTube fans started to spam reports, including DanTDM, a friend of the Dream SMP. This was another one of the reasons Kadie's TikTok account got banned.

Eating meat

On January 30, 2021, Pancho uploaded the video[11] "THAT VEGAN TEACHER ATE MEAT". In the video, someone who looked like her was eating a meal from Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. This was seen as hypocritical of her as she shamed others for the same thing. She responded by admitting[12] that he was right, she did eat meat, but this was before she made the decision to become vegan.


On March 2, 2021, Kadie made a video saying that she should be allowed to say the n-word[13], and made a video where she gave compliments to a black doll, calling her Naturally Intelligent Gorgeous Generous Exemplary and Radiant, writing all the words in form of an acrostic poem spelling out the slur. This wasn't Kadie's first time making a racist statement, as she was also infamous for repurposing the prominent Black Lives Matter "I can't breathe" slogan into a song about the process of killing animals, released on May 25, 2020, the same day when George Floyd was killed under police custody. She has also compared the killing and consumption of animals and their products to the Holocaust.[14][15]

TikTok ban

In February 2021, Kadie got IP banned from TikTok for breaking multiple Community Guidelines violations due to Minecraft YouTube Fans' Reports. The day after she got banned, Fake TikTok accounts who is reposting her videos but it was also taken down by TikTok.[citation needed] Shortly afterwards, she created another account using Dream’s icon as her propaganda via VPN to get access on the TikTok Website, saying she wanted "these people who play these video games to pay attention to the vegan message." Furthermore, she called Dream's icon "a p*nis that was circumsized" and "Mr. P*nis Head", which enraged her audiences and was met with controversy.[16] The second account was banned a week later. She continued making TikTok accounts that has her picture on and used different costumes and names but TikTok continues banning her and leaded for her finally giving up making TikTok accounts due for TikTok taking her down everytime.

Animal abuse

She has a dog named Bella, which she feeds a vegan diet. Due to the controversial treatment, hashtag #savebellathedog emerged on Twitter[17], as well as petition[18] on Despite claiming herself as an advocate of animal rights, her treatment towards Bella is considered hypocritical[19] because her dog has been vegan since August 2017.[20]

Dhar Mann

On July 2021, Kadie has striked again after 4 months of silence since she got banned from TikTok thrice in a row and fed her dog a vegan diet. She attacked Dhar Mann for not making a video about veganism and attempted to "educate" him. She responded to Dhar, "This guy everyone told me go follow this guy, go check him out, he has all these videos and he's such a great guy, he's talking about being kind to everybody and I thought, yay! I can't wait to see all of his vegan videos. So I started scrolling because he has 10.9 million followers, started scrolling through all of his stuff and you know what I saw? Nothing about veganism at all. Not one thing. Not one video that talks about not being veganphobic. Not one video that talks about being vegan fantastic. Being kind to animal rights activists, not one thing about dystopia, anyone who's suffering the anguish of being vegan in a non-vegan world? Nope. Anything about cognitive dissonance of how people are fucked up in the head. How they think that they love animals and yet they murder them! They stab their knives into them." She also added something before she reacted to one of the videos of him, "Lets see if we see anything from a vegan perspective. Is there a indication this guy is vegan. Because if he is not vegan, we need to veganize him! Because these people have all of these followers need to help us to create a vegan world." Furthermore, Dhar Mann kept his neutrality on him getting attacked by Kadie. But on August 2021, Dhar Mann apologized for him not putting vegan food on his videos and he also promised to Kadie that he will include vegan food on one of his upcoming video if Kadie removes one of his X's. Everyone wasn't happy on him listening to Kadie since he doesn't care for everyone's thoughts about Kadie.


On August 2021, Kadie came back attacking MCYTs and this time, she attacked MrBeast for promoting eating meat. So, she responded by reacting to a video that MrBeast is eating a $70,000 Dollar Pizza. On the start she said, "Is it vegan? He doesn't say so." Then she responded to the part where they are eating a $2,000 Dollar Steak, "Steak is a dead animal. That didn't wanted to die." then she responded to the part where they eated a $5,000 Dollar Tacos, "Are they vegan tacos made with beans and vegan cheese?" then she responded to the part where he ate a $1 Pizza, "Is that vegan cheese?" then she responded to the part where he ate a $2 and $8 Hotdogs, "Is that a vegan hotdog?" then she responded to the part where him and the boys are eating a $64 Golden Wings, "Don't steal animal body parts. Eating animals is wrong, hurting animals is wrong. Animals are here with us on the planet, not for us." After her reacting to the video, she tried to force MrBeast to be vegan and to promote all vegan websites.

On October 13, 2021, she made a song, which is similar to "Gordon Ramsay Disrap", but instead, replacing the word "Gordon Ramsay" with "MrBeast". The video shows the videos that includes food, mainly burgers and meat. At the end of the song, she said that she wanted people to encourage MrBeast to be vegan, and promote documentaries, which include Earthlings, Dominion, Cowspiracy, and Seaspiracy, which later on cuts to a black screen for the rest of the video.


On August 2021, Kadie started making videos on PewDiePie praising him for 'declaring' himself a vegan. PewDiePie is not a vegan, but rather a pescatarian (someone who refrains from eating all meat except fish), and the videos were criticized for overanalyzing and for Kadie projecting her views onto Pewds. PewDiePie made a reaction video with CinnamonToastKen where they both criticized and made fun of Kadie.

Anna Oop

Despite her attacking Anna Oop a few months earlier, on August 19, 2021, Kadie posted a video of her reacting to Anna Oop's video called "I found a girl WORSE than That Vegan Teacher". Throughout the video Kadie constantly bashed Anna Oop and continued to take the side of V-gan Booty. V-gan Booty was put under legal trouble after vandalizing a KFC Joint with fake blood. Kadie also promoted the "No Bra Club" saying that fat men had bigger boobs than her which could be seen as fat shaming.

Teacher Eddie

On September 1, 2021, Kadie posted a Bella Vegan Dog video that contained a "special message" for Eddie and fellow YouTuber Papa Gut. During the message, she said that Eddie's son should be "taken away from him" because Eddie teaches him that "being cruel to animals and their defenders is some kind of manly sport". Teacher Eddie posted a reaction video hours later.

Khaby Lame

On November 23, 2021, Kadie posted a video on YouTube attacking Khaby Lame, because he was cooking an egg on a pan. On November, 27 2021 she attacked Khaby Lame again because he was eating raw chicken wings.

Comments promoting 9/11

On September 13, 2021, 2 days after the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks which took place in New York back in September 11, 2001, Kadie made a video saying that 9/11 wasn't such a big deal because meat eaters died in the incident[21]. As of now, the video has over 16,000 dislikes and 440+ likes.

Anti-Religious TikTok

In early 2021 (reuploaded November 3, 2021,) Kadie made a video attacking the majority of religious people (by further comments, presumabely primarily Muslims, Jews, and Christians.) She made a song called "Change your Religion," and the lyrics included offensive quotes such as "Show God that you really care," "Why not be an Atheist every sunday," alongside more. It can be concluded by this and many quotes Kadie has made that she doesn't value the traditional teachings of any culture or religion; nor does she review the contents of what she attacks.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

On February 24, 2022 following the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Kadie posted a Community Post saying "Bombs are dropping from the sky in Ukraine. Does anyone think of the animals? Not just the terrified pets inside homes, but all animals in cages already being tortured on factory farms." The post was heavily disliked and Kadie received mass backlash for her disrespect.


  • Eat...your...VEGETABLES!!!!
  • Welcome back to class! Welcome back to class! Welcome back to class! Don't be a pain in the ass! Be vegan, yeah! (Kadie's intro)
  • I already told you! Don't do drugs and eat your VEGETABLES!
  • Well, you see, at least I'm not getting an ad for any kind of meat or dairy products. That's good, at least they figured that out.
  • What the fuck is this?
  • No! Oh my god, what is the dad doing? Don't feed your kid dead body parts!
  • Got a new video going up on That Vegan Teacher over on YouTube. (reads thumbnail text and title). Comment section is open and lively. Come and join us! That Vegan Teacher YouTube, right now! (One of Kadie's stories quotes, mostly on Instagram)
  • Read the ingredients!
  • Your lying again
  • Is that a vegan (Food's name)?
  • Alright students, grab your notepads. (Name of YouTuber)
  • Animal rights activist won't stop being an animal rights activist.
  • If you eat animals, you are an animal abuser.
  • Hello students, welcome to class (Intro of That Vegan Teacher's Youtube Video)


  • Kadie hates people if they are not vegan. For example, she attacked SSSniperWolf and Gordon Ramsay for this reason.
  • Although Kadie claims that she loves animals, she has a sweater and sweaters are made of wool which are mostly from sheeps' wool. Though it doesn't harm sheep to have their wool removed and in fact it is necessary for them, because too much wool can block natural shedding.
  • Kadie has claimed that she is bisexual, although many people online think she is only trying to defend her homophobic actions.



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