TheApang18 is a Vlogger
TheApang18 is from the United States
TheApang18 is male
TheApang18 created their account in 2014
TheApang18 is a Content Creator on YouTube

What's up guys, it's Alan Pang from TheApang18

―TheApang18's Intro

Alan Pang (born: 1999) better known online as TheApang18, is an American YouTuber who makes entertainment videos. Alan attended video making classes and camps since he was in elementary school. Then he started making YouTube videos in 2016. Activity that Alan finds fun is making movies. He enjoys to use movie maker software to edit videos. It is fun because it has special effect that he can add in to a movie. Alan can make stories even by cutting and pasting it. It has been fun to play with his friends when doing a film video activity that includes an audience to share some ideas. Alan shares the videos he made with friends. He shows them how to use the tool to do the editing.


Alan was born in New Jersey and stayed in there for twenty years. Alan is an amateur film editor, he is studying film in college now. He wants to be in movie making industry when he graduates. Alan made his YouTube channel in January 2016, as of now, he has 292,775 views and 500 subscribers. He made some entertainment and funny videos and short films. Alan went to Disney Theme Parks many times when he was a kid and when he grows up. He would love to work for Disney when he graduates. Alan is interested in making family movies for Disney Corporation or other companies.


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