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The channel's current description as of 8/19/2019-

Minecraft is what I do and for awesome Minecraft Challenges, adventures check out my channel. I am the Penguin King of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis! I fight for all you my Atlanteans! Minecraft Mods, Minecraft Roleplay and other Minecraft Mod Together we shall take over all of minecraft!

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Creators of: Base vs Monsters, Base vs Base, Whos Your Daddy MC, Broken Mods Hospital, Crazy Craft (1.0, 2.0, 3.0), Jurassic Craft, Lucky Block Challenges, Morph Hide and Seek & More!

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Minecraft CrazyCraft - OreSpawn Modded Survival Ep 1 - "INSANITY BEGINS"

Minecraft CrazyCraft - OreSpawn Modded Survival Ep 1 - "INSANITY BEGINS"

The first episode of Crazy Craft on the channel, which to this day remains one of their most popular series. The first episode was uploaded November 29, 2013.

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