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TheAtlanticCraft (born: August 10, 1994 (1994-08-10) [age 25]) is an American YouTuber who is mostly known for his Minecraft videos. Cody Owen, the creator of TheAtlanticCraft, is a Minecraft YouTuber, he is the creator of the atlantic realm, a group of youtubers containing himself, Kraken Kid, Cannibal Crab, Baby blooper, as well as previously JoeBuzz, Proffesor Pikalus, Noelle Owen (previously Sneaky Selena) and Captain Deadlock (those last four channels have since then been discontinued.

He is as well the creator of the website a website for minecraft mods and modpacks containing his most famous modpacks, CrazyCraft and ScrambleCraft. His Minecraft skin is a penguin. He currently does minecraft videos with his main series being ScrambleCraft, CrazyCraft 4.0 and Minecraft Dragons.

Cody Owen was orginally partnered with JoeBuzz on TheAtlanticCraft, but JoeBuzz ended up leaving the channel and leaving YouTube as a whole. Joe was a Minecraft Youtuber with a chicken skin, and one of The Founders of of the YouTube channel TheAtlanticCraft. He is best friends with TheCodyMaverick and was one of the main characters in the popular Minecraft Roleplay Series "Atlantis" and the youtube series " Kings Of Atlantis". On February 14, 2016, It was announced that Joe was leaving the channel because he wanted to get a step further in his life.

One of current members of TheAtlanticCraft is Kraken Kid, or according to the The Atlantic Craft Wiki real name is Peter Riley Slone. Peter Slone is Cody's brother, as proven on multiple TheAtlanticCraft videos, and he has been heavily involved in TheAtlanticCraft videos for serval years now and he even has his own YouTube channel called Kraken Kid. 

Another of the current members of TheAtlanticCraft is Cannibal Crab. Cannibal Crab's real name is Mike, his last name is unkown, and he has been involved in TheAtlanticCraft videos for nearly two years as of April 25, 2020. Mike also has a YouTube channel of his own called Cannibal Crab. 

TheAtlanticCraft's most famous series is Crazy Craft, which is named after the modpack of the same name that they created. They currently have 4 different seasons of TheAtlanticCraft and are still making Crazy Craft videos.

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