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Josh Larkin (born: July 13, 1994 (1994-07-13) [age 25]), better known online as TheBurntChip, is an English YouTuber known for his football challenges and vlogs, as well as his Fortnite videos, which he posts on his second channel Yung Chip. He currently lives in London, England.


He posted his first video on January 12, 2014. He originally made FIFA 14 videos, often which featured fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib.

In March 2014, he went to Eurogamer Birmingham, and posted his first vlog EUROGAMER BIRMINGHAM VLOG!! - With YouTubers!, which featured many other YouTubers, including REEV and MaxPlays.

In October 2014, he switched to the FIFA 15 version of the game. He made many videos on this game, including pack openings, as well as challenge videos such as WORLD'S HOTTEST HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE WITH ANESONGIB!! - FIFA 15.

In July 2015, he made his first FIFA 16 video NEW FIFA 16 ULTIMATE TEAM CARDS!!

Personal Life

Josh was born on July 13, 1994, in Manchester, England. He has a younger sister who has been featured in a couple of his videos, including "SIBLING FIFA!! SISTER VS BROTHER", and has been in pictures on his Instagram.


Josh mainly uploads challenges, football videos, vlogs and FIFA pack openings. He also frequently posts Fortnite videos on his second channel Yung Chip, and streams it on his Twitch channel.


The Penalty King

In this series, Josh does 1v1 penalty shootouts with other YouTubers. It is best out of 5 penalties, and goes to sudden death if needed. There are 10 different divisions he must progress through, and each division has it's own mystery YouTuber, who Josh has to beat in order to progress to the next division. Alongside that, each division has it's own unlockable item, such as a football top or boots. If he beats the division, he unlocks the item to wear in the next episode. This series has 6 episodes, and has featured many other YouTubers such as Miniminter and Wroetoshaw.

Who Wants to be a FIFA Millionaire!

In this series, each week a FIFA YouTuber has to answer 8 questions for the chance to win up to 1,000,000 FIFA coins for their subscribers. This series has 2 episodes, and has featured YouTubers like AnEsonGib and MaxPlaysFIFA.

Roulette FIFA

In this series, Josh has a roulette wheel, and each number on the wheel is assigned to a different FIFA player. He spins the wheel, and whatever number it lands on is the player on the line. He then plays FIFA against a subscriber, and if they beat him, they get the player. However, if they beat him by 2 or more goals, they get the player as well as another spin.

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