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TheCecile is an Artist
TheCecile focuses on Anime
TheCecile is from the United States
TheCecile is female
TheCecile created their account in 2015
TheCecile is a Content Creator on YouTube

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TheCecile is an American VTuber and artist known for her speedpaints, unique art style blending different colors, VTuber models and tutorials.


Cecile's first video was uploaded in 2015, where she speedpainted the character Genos from One Punch Man[1]. Even though she wasn't famous, her art did gain her enough popularity to get commisions, and her next videos were of her commisioned art pieces[2][3]. She would go on to illustrate even more characters like Overwatch's Mercy[4], Persona's Akira[5], Nier Gestat's Kaine[6] and some of her own OCs[7].

In 2018 she began livestreaming her art[8] and began giving out tutorials. Her content was centered around popular/trending anime at the time like My Hero Academia[9] and The Ancient Magnus Bride[10]. She also opened up a Patreon, and one of the rewards was having your characters drawn by her[11]. She went on to draw more anime like Sailor Moon[12] and Demon Slayer[13].

In November 8 2020, following the trend of several YouTubers joining the VTUber community, Cecile herself joined it, debuting her model on February 2021[14]. Her video of drawing her VTuber model is her most famous one[15], and some of her videos are of her drawing VTuber model commissions. She also collaborated with other VTubers while playing games[16] .

Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.

  • 100,000 subscribers: 20th March 2021


  • In March 2021, she reached 100,000 subscribers, which she celebrated by streaming and doing various art requests, including Cecile Chungus[17]
  • Her sister makes art too, under the username endlessrz[18]
  • In June of 2021, she became a Twitch affiliate[19]
  • Cecile's model was made by herself and cyucyu[20]
  • Cecile's fanbase is officially called "Databytes".
  • According to lore, Cecile is an android whose creator dumped her on the streets after creation[21]
  • Cecile is 5'4 (162cm)
  • She is of Chinese descent
  • Since her Chinese is very rusty, she wanted to go to a Chinese course at college, but wasn't allowed to because "she couldn't learn a language that was already her maternal language"
  • She has a twin sister
  • She has a cat named Moon[22]
  • She watches VShojo and has drawn VTubers such as Silvervale from them
  • She is a fan of the League of Legends band KDA