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TheCrazyGorilla is an American YouTube channel created by Ramon Guzman and Anthony "Chorizo" Nguyen who makes skits about Mexican-related stuff. They also run a merchline called "Vezcos". They also have also created one of the first original Facebook Watch shows, Mexican Survival Guide. They also have a channel named "TheCrazyGorilla Life", where they make Behind The Scenes stuff and vlogs.[1]

They also have a upcoming channel named "MaMah". It is unknown what this channel it can create, but from we expect, Mexican mom-related videos.


They uploaded their first video "Movin Like Bernie CALI STYLE! HOT NEW DANCE CRAZE!!" on December 31, 2010.[2]

TheCrazyGorilla uploaded a video that may be the first Mexican-related video on the channel, the part one of "If Siri Was MEXICAN",[3] on January 3, 2016.

They uploaded the first episode of "Mexican Survival Guide",[4] on April 15, 2018. It is about Mexican candy.

They uploaded their most viewed video, the part 1 of "Addicted to FORTNITE",[5] on March 18, 2018.


Mexican Survival Guide

The show, originally on Facebook Watch, is about characters named Ramon (portrayed by himself) and Chris (portrayed by Xavi). Sometimes Ramon will be replaced by Brando (portrayed by himself). The latter, Chris, who doesn't know Mexican culture, the former, Ramon/Brando, teaches Chris about it.

Mexican Wildlife

Mexican Wildlife is about parodies of animal documentaries, but with humans. It is inspired by a video named "GYM WILDLIFE" by Buff Dudes. The series itself is about Mexican culture and people (e.g. eloteros, Mexican moms, etc.).

Pimp My (name)

The series, Pimp My (name) is based on a real show named Pimp My Ride, an American television series produced by MTV and hosted by rapper Xzibit, which ran on MTV for six seasons from 2004 to 2007. The objects on the series are mostly Mexican-related (e.g. sombreros, belts [cintos], slippers [chanclas], etc.

Strange Addiction

Strange Addiction (official name), or "ADDICTED TO (name)" is a series that is based of an actual show named My Strange Addiction, an American documentary television series that premiered on TLC on December 29, 2010, that focuses on people with unusual compulsive behaviors. These range from eating specific non-food items to ritualistic daily activities to bizarre personal fixations or beliefs. The series itself is based on that, but also introduces Mexican-related stuff to the mix.


  • Anthony is of Vietnamese and Hispanic descent, while Ramon is fully Hispanic.[6]
  • Anthony and Ramon have known themselves since childhood.
  • The actual first video of TheCrazyGorilla (in history) is about a video of one of Selena Gomez's songs, Magic. Anthony didn't have a channel, so he made one and called it "TheCrazyGorilla". It was made around 2009.[7]


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