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FightingforNippon, more commonly known as TheDoctorDazza, Doctor Dazza, or just Dazza for short, is an Australian YouTuber who does videos on anime and manga.

He currently uploads to his second channel, by the name of TheDoctorDazza, since his main channel, FightingforNippon got terminated.


Back in July of 2015 he briefly retired from YouTube after he got a job at Madmen Entertainment, the anime & manga distributor in Australia, but ended up returning to YouTube during November of 2015, for currently unknown reasons. He used to be one of the recurring members to the anime-related podcast Mangapod Book Club, along with his friends YokuramaGameTalk, PressHeartToContinue, and HappiLeeErin; however, after leaving YouTube briefly he left Mangapod, and has yet to return to the Podcast after he returned to YouTube.

Dazza is known for the 12 Days of Anime that he hosts at the end of every year in December, and even creates an official register system for those participating; those who register will be listed on an official forum, to hopefully get them more attention and views.


On January 18, 2018, his FightingForNippon channel was terminated for "Violating YouTube's Community Guidelines". He had 17,000 subscribers and 5 million total video views at the time.

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