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Hello Elites, this is Captain-Visored Ace, we live action, you already know what it is.


TheEliteAce is an online manga reviewer, popular for reviewing chapters of the Bleach manga series every week. He has also done Attack on Titan anime episode reviews, gameplay videos, real world topics, and runs a Bleach related podcast known as Captain's Table with two other Bleach reviewers Charlesisanime world and Shinigami x.  

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Manga Reviews

In terms of manga reviews, Ace has only done Bleach.  He started his Bleach weekly chapter reviews on May 9, 2012, with chapter 491, and concluded with the conclusion of the series at chapter 685 on August 6, 2016.  In his reviews he dressed up in his white Captain's hayori and typically held a model of a Zanpakuto in Bleach, standing in front of a TV that's playing the Bleach anime, whether it's the tv anime or one of the movies, and analyzes the chapter without a script and without any editing.  

Anime Reviews

Although rare, Ace has done anime reviews before.  The only time he did anime reviews was when the anime series Attack on Titan aired back in Spring of 2013.  He reviewed the series weekly.  Unlike his Bleach reviews, he didn't have his Captain's Hayori on, wasn't holding a Zanpakuto, and was sitting down; however, he did still have the TV on in the background, but this time it had the Attack on Titan anime streaming on it rather than the Bleach anime, which he streamed from his Wii U.  

Real-World Topics

The only videos that have nothing to do with anime, manga, or video games, he'll give any advice that he can give on life, whether it be on relationships, (primarily giving men advice about dealing with women, the good, bad, and ugly, because that's his experience, on racial issues, (or other issues that have to do with discrimination), or other series topics in the world.  He never makes any references to anime, manga, or video games in these videos, and they seem to be pretty popular on his channel.  He gets video ideas when people send him requests via email and explains the situation that they want advice on in detail, which he'll read at the beginning of the video.  

Gaming Content

Ace's gaming content consists primarily of collector's edition unboxings of games, as well as the occasional let's plays and streams of games such as Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Titanfall, Attack on Titan, The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, among others. 

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