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What's up huskies? TheKingHusker here!

―TheKingHusker's Intro

Matthew Checchia (born: July 5, 1999 (1999-07-05) [age 19]), better known online as TheKingHusker, is a Canadian YouTuber and producer who creates and publishes entertainment-based videos.

Personal Life

Checchia was born in Canada on July 5, 1999. He currently resides there but has visited the United States on multiple occasions.

YouTube Career

Checchia created his first independent channel, named TheKingHusker, on October 27th, 2011.

History (2011-2018)

Before creating his own channel, he produced gaming walkthroughs with a friend for their channel, TheComedyShell. In October, Checchia had his own personal channel under the name TheKingHusker. The content was primarily based on comedic and entertainment-based videos. Videos were uploaded randomly throughout the years. On June 21st, 2013, Checchia created a gaming channel under the name TheKingHusker Games.[1] In June of 2016, many of the videos were removed from TheKingHusker as he switched over to focus on creating gaming videos for TheKingHusker Games. In February of 2017, gaming videos for the channel began to roll out consistently. On January 11th, 2018, Checchia created a new main channel for himself, also called TheKingHusker.[2] This new main channel would be home to vlogs and would separate his new content from his old content. His original 2011 channel still remains up.

Criticism of YouTube

Checchia has been critical of YouTube during major times of change. In January of 2018, in response to the new monetization policies, he stated his interest in YouTube was about "growing a community" and "being an entertainer"[3] but that creators were "being extremely discouraged" due to the new policies.[4] In March, he publicly expressed his anger towards YouTube for cutting creators out of the monetization program and to larger creators who said it's a matter of either working harder or to not stay on the platform.[5] In August, Checchia Tweeted that it was "pathetic" that YouTube had cut his channel views from hundreds to tens.[6]
TheKingHusker's Tweet

TheKingHusker's response to view cuts.

YouTube (@TeamYouTube) responded to the Tweet confirming that they do freeze, slow down and adjust view counts to validate them.[7]


Checchia's publicity is not limited to his YouTube viewership. In May of 2018, he was interviewed about the controversial halting of the production of the Vine follow-up app, Byte (at the time dubbed v2).[8] He made note of his involvement with the app and its production in a YouTube video published in November of 2018.[9]


  • The planned name for the original channel was KingHusker, but was later changed to TheKingHusker due to username problems with YouTube at the time.
  • The original TheKingHusker channel was created by his friend as a favour for him.
  • He's a friend of 09sharkboy.