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TheOrionSound plays video games
TheOrionSound is a Musician
TheOrionSound is a Vlogger
TheOrionSound is from England
TheOrionSound is male
TheOrionSound created their account in 2011
TheOrionSound is a Content Creator on YouTube

Oliver "Oli" (born: July 11, 1995 (1995-07-11) [age 26])[1], better known online as TheOrionSound (formerly oli rulz_747), is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer primarily known for his gaming and music videos, as well as random vlogs about his YouTube friends.


Oli was born Oliver on July 11, 1995, in Doncaster, England. He has posted pictures with his family on Instagram but their names are not known. He has a degree in psychology from the University of Hull, which he is commonly made fun of for having.


Oli identifies as a heterosexual male with pronouns he/him. He was previously in a relationship with Lizzy Walton but the duo broke off in September 2014. Since then, he has not revealed much about his dating life on his social media, as of 2021 he has said on his Twitch that he "Does not have time for a relationship", whether this was a joke or not is debatable.


His first video was posted on April 2, 2012, and this video was titled "Brits Playing WoW - Episode 1". He has been a part of multiple series, however has been known to upload no more than 1, 2 or 3 episodes on each. He is known by his friends and fans for his habit of not uploading for months at a time.

As well as being in his own Twitch streams, he is also sometimes featured in live streams with other Youtubers such as LaurenzSide, SmallishBeans, LDShadowLady, Dangthatsalongname, Seapeekay and many more. On his streams, he sometimes plays Among Us, Mario Golf, Geoguessr and also sometimes does music streams

Minecraft Servers

X Life SMP

X Life SMP Participants
LDShadowLady.jpg JoeyGraceffa.jpg LaurenzSide.png SmallishBeans.jpg Dangthatsalongname.jpg Shubble.jpg SeaPeeKay.jpg KatherineElizabeth.jpg GeminiTay.jpg
JackSucksAtLife.jpg PopularMMOs.jpg TheOrionSound.jpg FWhip.jpg Strawburry17Plays.jpg HBomb94.jpg Solidarity.jpg Quig.jpg RIPmika Newicon.jpg

May 23, 2020 — Feb 26, 2021

X Life is a modified SMP — created by Dangthatsalongname — where players start with one heart and the objective of the server is to survive with 10 lives. Losing a life adds one more heart to a player's health, and a player is eliminated from the server if they lose all of their remaining lives.

Empires SMP

Empires SMP Participants
Season 1
LDShadowLady.jpg SmallishBeans.jpg Dangthatsalongname.jpg Katherine Elizabeth Gaming.png GeminiTay.jpg FWhip.jpg
Solidarity.jpg PearlescentMoon.jpg TheMythicalSausage.jpeg Pixlriffs.jpg Joey Graceffa Gaming.jpg Shubble.jpg
Season 2
LDShadowLady.jpg SmallishBeans.jpg Dangthatsalongname.jpg Katherine Elizabeth Gaming.png GeminiTay.jpg FalseSymmetry.jpg
FWhip.jpg Solidarity.jpg TheMythicalSausage.jpeg Pixlriffs.jpg Joey Graceffa Gaming.jpg Shubble.jpg

June 12, 2021 — Current

The Empires SMP is a modified Minecraft server, where the objective is for players to establish their own empires to trade goods and resources with other empires, as well as wage wars.

Afterlife SMP

Afterlife SMP Participants
Dangthatsalongname.jpg FWhip.jpg GeminiTay.jpg JoeyGraceffa.jpg KatherineElizabeth.jpg
LaurenzSide.png LDShadowLady.jpg TheMythicalSausage.jpeg RIPmika Newicon.jpg SeaPeeKay.jpg
Shubble.jpg SmallishBeans.jpg Solidarity.jpg Strawburry17Plays.jpg TheOrionSound.jpg

Mar 4, 2022 — Current

The Afterlife SMP is a modified server that is a sequel to the X Life SMP, and still maintains the Harcore aspect of each member only having 10 lives. However, in this SMP there are additional modifications including the Origins mod, which gives each player an "origin" (generally based on a Minecraft mob) that includes special abilities and either positive, neutral, or negative traits. For each of the player's 10 lives they will obtain a new random Origin, and have the option to re-roll 3 times total over the course of the server.

Afterlife Origins Summary
Life Origin Description Death
1 Enderian Based off of Endermen Episode 2 (Killed by Water)
2 Atling Water Breathing, Aqua Affinity, Heals