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The Piano Guys are an American music group consisting of Paul Anderson, John Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, and Al van der Beek. Their style of music is performing popular songs and classical music using piano or cello. As of April 2014, their channel has received over 3.8 million subscribers.


Jon Schmidt

Jon Schmidt (born: July 9, 1966 (1966-07-09) [age 53]) is a Self-described New Age classical pianist. He combined elements of both genres, along with rock 'n roll, into his compositions. He was born in Salt Lake City to German immigrant parents who began teaching him classical music in his early youth. One of his major music influences is Billy Joel

Steven Sharp Nelson

Steven Sharp Nelson (born: July 5, 1977 (1977-07-05) [age 42]) graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in music, he worked in real estate development while pursuing music opportunities on the side.

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