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Let's get this!


Bradley Lamar Colburn (born: February 10, 1987 (1987-02-10) [age 37]), better known online as theRadBrad, is an American gamer who plays the latest and most popular video games. Sometimes he does reactions to trailers and gameplay footage. Colburn plays his games on his Xbox One, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. He is present on social media, namely Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Instagram and Google+; and has his own line of T-shirts.

He has been interviewed by and FMV Magazine. Colburn has a very down-to-Earth, realistic and calm style of commentary yet he can easily become panicked and frantic when under distress. Colburn is usually apathetic towards the respective storylines of the games he commentates, but he critiques and shares his opinion on the gameplay itself with his audience. Colburn commonly, and seeming subconsciously, thanks his viewers multiple times throughout his videos for the given support.


Colburn was born on February 10, 1987, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Kennesaw State University between 2008 and 2011, where he earned a bachelor's degree in information systems. He has since lived in Atlanta, where he produces YouTube videos.


Theradbrad fan art

Fanart of theRadBrad saying "Take it!"

~Colburn's most common quotes

  • "How convinient!"
  • (when something on him) oh sh**, get it off me!'
  • "Haha! Take it deep."
  • "Famous last words! (says after he thinks everything is ok)
  • "(cops arriving on scene) Five-Oh, time to go!"
  • "What the f**k Charles."
  • "He dead as fucking fried chicken!"
  • "…Aw, f**k! I messed it up again!"
  • "And with that being said" - in his intro, before "lets do this" and the letsplay beginning.
  • "I Dunno" - after pondering aspects of the game out loud.
  • " Sorry Chubs.*
  • "Just wanna say, 'Welcome back'!"
  • "See ya, bitch!"
  • "Take it, bitch!"
  • "F**k you, chair! (or gate, couch, etc.)"
  • "F**kin' Duck(, no)!"
  • "You guys mean the world to me!"
  • "Dammit, man!"
  • "I know how to crouch!"
  • "Oh, hey there! [kills enemy] F**k you!"
  • "Oh, what the f**k, Charles!"
  • "Oh, (my) sweet, buttery Jesus!"
  • [whenever he predicts that something specific—and bad—will happen; for example;] "That helicopter's gonna get shot; I know it!"
  • "This shit is crazy!"
  • "You've gotta be shitting me!"
  • "I don't wanna spam you guys."
  • "What?!?!"
  • "OVVAA!!"
  • [when he can't hit an enemy because it's moving too fast] "Shit, (He, she, it)'s bobbin' and weavin'!"
  • "I don't like it when juice wears tights!"
  • [when encountering a small animal] "Heeeeey, buddy!"
  • "This reminds me of (What is reminds him of)"
  • "It is going to be bad news bears!"
  • [When getting his ass beat/ falling etc.] "OH
  • ohhhh how did he or she not see me
  • "alley oop!"
  • Let's do this!
  • "I probably sitting on the menu screen for about 30 minutes (or something) trying to think of way to thank you guys."
  • "...interesting."

From Shadow of the Colossus[]

  • ["introducing" his character, Wander] "My name is Brad, and I kill things. Big things!"

from F.3.A.R.[]

Multiplayer > Mode: F**king Run![]

  • "My name is Brad, and this is f**king run! No I'm just kidding—this is the F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Game Type called 'F**king Run!'."
  • "Whoever went right, you're by yourself. …Oh, no, you're not."
  • [The Wall of Death almost comes up from behind them.] "Oh, my god!"
  • [after his burst-fire rifle runs out of ammo—again] "Aw, I'm out of ammo again! You gotta be kidding me!"

from Gears of War 3[]

  • [finding a chicken aboard the ship] "…—a chicken!" [walks over] "Look at that shit! He don't even know! …'s like, 'What's a war?'"
  • [after Cole pulls a joke about coupons] "Ha-ha… Coupons!"
  • "Oh, wow. This cannot be good!"
  • "That looks so badass. Oh, shit, I'm playin'!"
  • [shooting Lambent from the zipline] "F**k you, f**k you... F**k you, too! … [aims at a stalk, but doesn't shoot it] You're cool!"
  • "I like how they're all just out there, having fun."
  • [when the multiturret reloads] "What?! You gotta reload it?! That's too realistic!"
  • [finding and picking up a Cleaver] "Retro Lancer... I mean, I might as well jus[t]—what the hell?! [gasps] Oh, shit! That shit's crazy!"
  • [after making the mistake of firing a Mortar inside the bridge (which killed him); laughing weakly] "Note to self: don't shoot that...ever a closed area!"
  • [when two Savage Locust armed with Diggers appear] "The f**k is that? …Oh, snap… There's two of 'em!"
  • "Forgot to say: Welcome back!" [tunnelway starts to collapse] "Oh, shit!"
  • [finding dead bodies in cages] "Oh, shit! He's had a bad day!"
  • [after killing a Corpser hatchling in the lair] "Annnd we're f**ked!"
  • [running away from the Lambent Zerker] "I don't even know where the f**k I'm supposed to go!"
  • [when Sam brings up the Corpser hatchlings' mother] "Oh, god, not a—not another Mother boss battle. That shit—freaks me out; I hate spiders! [Corpser Mother appears; roars] Oh—there it is! […] Oh, my goodness!"
  • [right before his truck drives over a Locust behind cover] "I don't see him—oh, there he is!"
  • [before decapitating the Brumak] "I'm glad I'm not driving!"
  • "This shit is crazy! I'm-a beat this dude's ass!"
  • "Oooooh! Can I go in there? Can I go in there—" ["What're you lookin' at, COG?!"] "Oh, shit. Nevermind!"
  • "C'mon, mines! Move!"
  • "Annnnd… See ya, bitch!"

from Battlefield 3[]

  • [in "Semper Fidelis"] "Yeah, take that, bitch! 'a's yo ass!"
  • [in "Operation Swordbreaker"]
    • "It's like a Michael Bay movie so far. I like it!"
    • [when a dog starts barking at them] "Uh-oh. Kujo – watch out!"
    • [when PLR soldiers start swarming the building] "Oh, it's on, bitch! It's f**king on!" [throws grenade]
      Montes: "Oh, shit—grenade!"
  • [in "Operation Guillotine"; when placing the mortar launcher] "All right, time to set this bitch up!"
  • [in "Thunder Run"] "Ah, what am I runnin' over? I am stuck on some rocks!"
  • [in "Night Shift"; when a PLR soldier is killed by his own thrown grenade] "Oh, he killed himself! What a[n] idiot!"

from Battlefield 4[]

Mission 1: Baku[]

  • [when prompted to shoot the windshield] "…You know I'm about to; it's gotta happen."
  • [after killing four hostiles who dropped him to 2 HP] "Somehow, I'm not dead!"
  • [when a grenade lands near him] "Uh-oh! Time to go! Get away, get away!"
  • [an enemy runs in front of him] "Oh, watch out!"
  • "Look at this sneaky bitch hidin'!"
  • [after the enemy Havoc shoots their extraction helo, causing the factory to collapse] "Oh, come on!"
  • [after Recker amputates Dunn's leg to free him] "Oh, my Jeezus!"
  • [while driving down the road; a chunk of debris suddenly materializes in his path] "Where the f**k'd that rock come from?!"
  • [shooting down the helicopter] "Get burned, bitch!"
  • "Oh, shit! [The car lands in the sea.] So that's how it happened."

Mission 2: Shanghai[]

  • "Am I just way too fast for these guys or what?"
  • "I think we're good [on the secondary weapons]… Actually, you know what? Never mind. We're about to use the shotgun." [laughs]
  • "They didn't see me, did they? […] Looks like they did! Nevermind!"

Mission 3: South China Sea[]

  • [when Kovic somehow steals Brad's spot behind cover] "Sumbitch took my spot! Look at that! Buncha bullshit!"
  • [when the USS Titan splits in half right in front of him] "Oh, f**k!"
  • [shoots an enemy] "Bitch! [laughs] You ain't rescuing shit!"

from Batman Arkham Origins[]

  • [trying to reach to higher ground by jumping from a short distance, falls and dies.] "Are you f**king kidding? Are you bullshitting me?! What kind of bullshit is that? Biggest cracking shit I've ever seen ! F**king glue grenades !!"

from Killzone: Shadow Fall[]

  • "Hey, it's that girl. Okay."
  • "I knew that thing wasn't dead!"

from Outlast[]

  • "Whoooa!Jee-zus christ!"
  • "What the f**k, are those heads on the - "
  • [after pressing for the elevator...and accidentally causing a man to fall down the shaft, screaming] "Oh, shit! …My bad!"
  • "Pleasedon'tseeme, pleasedon'tseeme, pleasedon'tseeme, pleasedon'tseeme…"
  • "He kicked this room open. Like, you know it's important, 'cause he kicked it open!"
  • "OK, so two big-ass dudes, that are naked…are chasing me… And my instinct… [Long pause.] …is to go to the showers?Who investigates a mental hospital? Like, really?"
  • "I'm glad you guys [enjoy this series]. [Pause.] …'cause I sure as f**k don't get enjoyment out of this!"
  • [gasps] "Oh, my f**king god!" […] "Go mo'f**ker go!"
  • "…there's a [big, fat, naked guy] who rips people's heads off, chasing me!"

Whistleblower DLC[]

  • [when the worker licks the player character's ear] "The f**k?"
  • [seeing Waylon Park typing the email from the beginning of the original game] "Oh, damn, he's spillin' the – spillin' all the beans! Look at him!"
  • "My body is not ready for this."

from Infamous Second Son[]

  • Akomish: [after Brad has Delsin run through the gate with his Smoke ability – in front of the other tribe members] "Delsin's a Bio-Terrorist, too!"
    • Brad: [chuckling] "[S]he said he's a Bio-Terrorist, too!"
  • [trying to snipe Video Angels, except - ] "I'm horrible at this!"
  • [entering a restricted area; chuckles] "'Restricted Area'. I don't give a f********ck!"
  • [when a D.U.P. trooper uses his forced Concrete abilities to create a wall] "Oh, look at that bitch putting up walls!"

from Watch Dogs (a.k.a. WATCH_DOGS)[]

  • [hacks a vending machine] "Oh shit! Free drinks! Free drinks for everybody!"
  • "He really didn't give a f**k!"
  • [blows up three morons in an elevator] "Ohh, got 'em! Nice!"

from P.T.[]

  • "D'oh, not ag[ain] – [laughs] Jee-zus, man! Holy f**king shit! I didn't think it would happen twice!"


  • Brad has a Corgi named Chubbs.
  • In a recent contest to guess Brad's middle name, he revealed that his middle name is Lamar.
  • FMV Magazine interview
  • In part 3 of his lets play of Until Dawn, Brad revealed that he has survived an F4 tornado, that killed 13 other people.
  • While in college, Brad pursued a degree in Information Technology.
  • In part Bear Chase of Condemned 2, Brad revealed that he only has his left kidney, His right kidney never grew from birth.
  • In tweet Brad revealed that he has a daughter named Clementine, mentioning that she was named after Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead games.[1]