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TheRealNinjaBoy, also known as Ninja Boy, is a YouTuber who uploads gaming videos daily.


Ninja has many videos, 1000+ at this point.

His most popular is the Mario ROM hacks he plays. He plays any and all hacks sent to him (It takes time but he will eventually get to them all).

Ninja does play more than just Mario Hacks, however.

He played through the original Legend Of Zelda

All 3 of the DKC Games

And recently has started to play other games.

He currently has 2 Ninja Plays series going on, where he plays Bioshock Infinite (Blind?) and Far Cry 3


Far Cray 3

Ninja also had a decently large minecraft adventure. One of the most requested things for him to play in more Minecraft.

This playlist contains all of his Minecraft adventures. It starts with videos of MC Alpha builds and progresses to some of the more recent builds.

Not LP Related

In addition to making LP's Ninja has also made tutorials for Lunar Magic and even played his own rom hack he had been working on, called NaHH: Not a Hard Hack.

The Chronicles of NaHH

Lunar Magic 101

About Ninja

As of 2019, Ninja sits at 7,000+ subscribers. There are many playlists and videos hidden within Ninja's vast library of videos.

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