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Sully G (born December 23, 1997 (1997-12-23) [age 22]), better known online as TheRealSullyG, is a music artist and self-proclaimed "King of Otamatones".


TheRealSullyG started his channel back in 2015 but didn't upload until 2016. Originally, he made custom instrumentals of songs without any particular instrument, just making normal instrumental songs, such as Bo Burnham songs or making remixes of shows' theme songs, whether it is TV theme songs like The Office or theme songs for YouTube shows such as the YIAY theme song or GoodMythicalMorning's theme song.

He would keep this up for about a year until he decided to try a different kind of remix. He decided to try and make of a one minute cover of the song Take on Me but instead using only Otomatones. The video quickly went viral and got him millions of views. With this success, his channel made a near-instant shift and became a full-blown Otomotone cover channel. Just over a year after the video was made he hit 100,000 subscribers and celebrated by making a full shot of shot remake of the Take On Me music video. Since then, his channel has continued to grow and he now makes bi-monthly covers of songs with nothing but Otomatones and has sealed his status as the king of Otomatones.


TheFakeSullyG is the secondary account of TheRealSullyG. This account started as a one-off thing where he submitted his YIAY Otomotone theme but soon he made it a regular thing by turning it into a behind the scenes channel where he can show how he can create scenes for his covers as well as speedup montages of him editing the video together and showing the audience how it's done.

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