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David Murray (born: June 25, 1975 (1975-06-25) [age 45]), better known online as The 8-Bit Guy, is an American YouTuber and game developer for retro home computers. He is known for his videos discussing and repairing vintage electronics from the 1980s-2000s. He joined YouTube on July 25, 2006.


Murray grew up in Mansfield, Texas. As a child, he got his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20. He graduated from Mansfield High School in 1993.

Murray was first employed at Mouser Electronics and worked in their technical support from 1994 to 1996. Murray was then employed at AST Research and worked in their technical support from 1996 to 1997 when AST Research was bought by Samsung. He was retained by Samsung and continued to be employed to them from 1997 to 1998 when he and his colleagues were let go due to Samsung closing all of it's American facilities due to competition with other companies and the 1997 Asian financial crisis. His work history after 1998 is mostly unknown, although he did mention working at a computer store sometime in the 2000's.

Creating adric22

David made his YouTube channel on July 25, 2006. At this time, the channel was named adric22 (the combination of his favorite Doctor Who character and his age at the time). He really liked obtaining broken iBook laptops, repairing them, then selling them on websites like eBay and Craigslist. He uploaded his first video on March 24, 2007, which was an S-Video mod for the Commodore Amiga. After this, he made a video explaining his refurbished iBooks and how he was better than the competitors. When iBooks became harder to find, he switched to MacBooks for repair and sale.

Becoming TheiBookGuy

Sometime in 2012, David changed the name of his channel from adric22 to TheiBookGuy. He did this because he was making more videos about Apple iBooks, and wanted a more fitting username, and YouTube did not support changing of usernames until this point.

Becoming The 8-Bit Guy

In August 2015, he once again changed his username, this time to The 8-Bit Guy, which is what it still is now. He did this because he hadn't made a video relating to iBooks or MacBooks for a few years at that point.

Working for YouTube full time

In January 2017, David announced that he would be quitting his office job and be working on YouTube full time. In February 2017, his final day at the office job came, and after that, he was officially a full time entrepreneur.

Current State

Currently, he makes various videos relating to vintage electronics. He'll demonstrate these products, modernize them, restore them to new condition, and various other things. He has no set video making schedule, making videos whenever he can.

On February 19, 2021, David announced that new videos would be put on hold due to a water pipe bursting in his house. Just a few days prior, a winter storm hit Texas, and David and his family were forced to evacuate their home due to a power outage. When David returned to his house after power was restored, he discovered that a pipe had burst and most of the house was flooded. This forced David and his family to move their non-ruined belongings into his newly-built studio building and garage, and David and his family had to temporarily move next door to his mother's house (it was his parent's home, but his father passed in 2019) while the water damage is remediated.


On May 31, 2017, David uploaded a video titled "Relabelling and Restoring Game Cartridges" where he explored various methods of relabeling tattered ROM cartridges. In the video, he explained his stance on relabelling. The video reignited a controversy among collectors whether or not one should restore vintage cartridges.

On May 2, 2018, David released a video showing the donations he received for the month of April 2018. The donation he received of the Kaypro from Jill Hazlett had cost $82 to ship and it had a note mentioning the original owners of the Kaypro 2000 (Paul and Jeanne Catalano) and David did nothing to commemorate or mention the passing away of the original owners and the previous owner proceeded to rant about that in the comment section of that video, which angered many people. David later apologized, stating that he forgot to mention their names.

On September 12, 2020, David released a video where it was Part 1 of him building a new studio. During construction, the electrician for the new studio came over to run a conduit between the house and studio to deliver electricity. In that video, he commented "I didn't expect Morgan Freeman will be my electrician". While some viewers enjoyed the joke, others were offended and accused him of being racist. David later removed the offensive comments.

On September 25, 2020, David released a video where he finds a rare IBM 7496 workstation computer at Computer Reset, a large computer warehouse in Dallas. While attempting to diagnose the computer, he bridged a proprietary connection on the power supply using a paperclip in an attempt to turn the computer on without the monitor, causing a short circuit. While diagnosing the power supply, David took a rotary tool in order to defeat the security screws in order to take the cover off, which resulted in gouges on the cover. Both actions drew significant criticism to the point where David disabled comments on that particular video.

During the IBM controversy, some people unearthed his abandoned awesomeairguns channel and it's associated videos. While some of the videos were controversial, the most controversial one was a 2013 video where he and thousands of other Texans were opening carrying automatic rifles to protest a Texas law.

On October 1, 2020, David released an unlisted follow-up video named "Response to angry mob about IBM workstation and other issues." In it, he apologized for both the botched IBM 7496 restoration and the Electrician joke. He defended himself by stating that the paperclip technique he used had worked in the past for other machines, that he didn't have the correct security screwdriver for the machine at the time (he could have order it, but it would have arrived late), and that the Morgan Freeman joke actually came from the Electrician himself who stated to David that people in the streets would point that out to him. He also addressed the awesomeairguns situation and stated that the channel was long abandoned for 6 years and that the political views of his that were in the video were not in his main channel because he felt that it isn't right if he were to express them on his main channel to avoid bias. He did promise not to rush repairs and to not try to make any jokes that could offend someone. While some didn't forgive him, most did.

Subscriber milestones

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.

  • 10,000 subscribers (The 8-Bit Guy) - Around 2016
  • 10,000 subscribers (8-Bit Keys) - January 25, 2018
  • 1 million subscribers(The 8-Bit Guy) - November 26, 2019


  • Besides The 8-Bit Guy and 8-Bit Keys, David also has three other channels named Awesome Airguns, The Bullion Channel, and Cranial Pasta, but they are abandoned. He abandoned the latter 2 because not a lot a people watched the videos in those channels while Awesome Airguns was abandoned because the entire channel got demonetized for featuring airguns.
  • David likes to drive electric cars has has previously owned a Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Fiat 500e, and a Tesla Model 3. He currently owns a Chevrolet Volt.
  • David's older brother Mike Murray is also a YouTuber and his channel is called The Geek Pub. He also runs the very popular related website Like David, Mike lives in the Fort Worth area; however, Mike lives in Keller to the north while David lives in Kennedale to the south.
  • In an episode of 8-Bit Keys covering the Casio Superdrums keyboards, David mentions that he is a second cousin of the late Dimebag Darrell of Pantera. He mentioned this because he had gotten drumsticks from him.
  • His current intro music is called Morning Drew
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