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Joey Bizinger (born: September 28, 1994 (1994-09-28) [age 25]), better known online as The Anime Man, is a Japanese-Australian YouTuber who makes videos about anime and sometimes about gaming related topics. He is good friends with fellow YouTubers, EinshineSouL Animation, and A.I.Channel, appearing in each other's videos multiple times. Joey is well-known for collaborating with other YouTubers like Lost PauseMisty ChronexiaCDawgVA, and even PewDiePie. He is currently dating Akidearest with whom he moved together in Japan. He also has a second channel, Joey, which he created back in 2016 and used as his vlog channel. He is the most popular anime youtuber on Wikitubia after Gigguk.

Personal Life

Joey was born in Australia but his mother is Japanese and his father is Hungarian. He was raised in Australia but often visited Japan. Due to his upbringing, he can speak Japanese fluently. In May 2016, he moved to Japan where he lives with his girlfriend. He considers himself an "otaku" and is 6' (or 1.83 meters).




#AnswerMeSenpai is Joey's Q&A series where he answers his fans' questions, sometimes serious, but more often humorously. To have the possibility of getting their questions answered, they have to put #AnswerMeSenpai in their tweet on Twitter or ask it under his most recent #AnswerMeSenpai video. Even then, most people won't get their questions answered, due to how many fans he has and just the huge abundance of questions which he receives. It's similar to Noble's #NobleSenpai and Akidearest's #DearAki.  

WTF Japan

This is Joey's series where he picks strange, weird, and screwed up things from Japan and he either rants about and/or discusses them in a video. These topics can revolve around Japanese culture, Japanese society, anime/manga, or literally anything else that he considers screwed/hilarious/strange in Japan.

Monthly Otaku Collection

This is Joey's monthly series where he makes videos presenting all anime and manga DVDs, volumes, and other merchandise he bought that month. It's similar to Akidearest's Monthly Otaku Favorites.

Anime Rants

Joey's Anime Rants is where he picks a topic in the anime industry, the YouTube anime community, in a specific anime or anything else like that, and he rants and complains about it for a while.

Japanese 101

Being part Japanese and fluent in the language, Joey occasionally does a series on his channel called Japanese 101.  This is a series where he doesn't teach people how to speak the language, but discusses popular Japanese words and/or phrases, what they mean and their origin. However, for those who are interested in learning how to speak Japanese (or any language for that matter) fluently, he has, on many occasions, given shout-outs for the language learning program which is called LinguaLift.  

Challenge Videos

Challenge Videos are a series where Joey, and sometimes his friends and girlfriend, physically and or mentally torture themselves with various challenges. From time to time, they are trending challenges, while other times they're challenges that nobody would expect.


"LET'S FIGHT" is a series where Joey presents extremely unpopular opinions relating to anime or the anime industry in a video and proceeds to defend them.


Let's Plays

Similar to his friend Lost Pause, Joey started out on YouTube doing let's plays of various visual novels. He stopped doing this a few years ago when he felt they were overdone, not to mention that many of them were borderline infringing on YouTube's Community Guidelines with the near-nudity that they tended to have.

Anime Reviews

One of the first types of videos that Joey made was anime reviews, although he only did a few, and then he stopped because he felt like they were terrible and that he wasn't very good at doing actual reviews.  


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  3. "I have to do this. For my people, for my family, for my dignity!" Cat Mario (2014)
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  5. "Get in my fragile area."
  6. "I'm stuck on all fours."
  7. "Grab that dick, dammit."
  8. "Grab that fucking goat, dammit."
  9. "Grab that ass."
  10. "Kawaii in the streets, senpai in the sheets."
  11. "It's not pedophilia if it's in Japan."
  12. "All the boobs are blending together, they're just becoming one big boob."
  13. "I'm not gay, I'm just okay with kissing dudes."
  14. "Chest on my nuts, I'm on fire." The Whisper Challenge: Anime Edition!
  15. "I poured hentai in Troy."
  16. "What are the chances of my momma being here?"
  17. "There's no way to take a sh*t."
  18. "I want to spank and spank you like a torn love child...?"
  19. "I want you to rub me like sleepy."
  20. "I'm not a queer, you. I like anime, you queer you." ANIME WHISPER CHALLENGE (by akidearest)
  21. "I was alone in my butt... But it was okay, I was there!"
  22. "You will ram my Swedish."
  23. "I can be the tsundere to your tentacle hentai... Cheerio!"
  24. "All your pubes are on us."
  25. "JUST PUT IT IN!!!"
  26. "It's not hard Logan. To fucking look up BASIC cultural etiquette before going into another country. It's not hard to go to Aokigahara, read up a little bit on the history of the forest, perhaps before it was called the 'Suicide Forest'. It's not fucking hard to shut off your cameras, even for FIVE minutes, Logan! ...It's not hard to turn off your camera, just for a little bit!" - Joey criticizing Logan Paul's act in the Suicide Forest (My Response to Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Controversy)
  27. "And I'm not gonna be the first one to say this, and the last one to say this. But I think I speak on behalf of everybody who lives in Japan, has a Japanese family, everybody who loves Japan, and anybody who has only the most respect for the Japanese people, and the culture, and the places, and the way of life. I think I speak on behalf of every single person in saying, 'Logan, get the FUCK out of my country.'" - Joey's demand for Logan to leave Japan immediately (My Response to Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Controversy)
  28. "Stretch out that butthole while I make the salmon roe."


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