The Great Chi is a Content Creator on YouTube
The Great Chi is from the United States
The Great Chi plays video games
The Great Chi is male
The Great Chi created their account in 2008
The Great Chi is deceased

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Cheers Chi!

―The Great Chi's outro

The Great Chi, sometimes just simply known as Chi or The Inscrutable One was an American YouTuber who specialized in creating mods of the Tomb Raider video-game series, and then creating funny videos of those mods and uploading them to YouTube. He would usually upload behind the scenes information on what went into accomplishing those mods on Tomb Raider Forums. He had a very strong presence in the Tomb Raider community, and is considered by many to be a legend in the Tomb Raider Modding community.

Content Removal & Archival Efforts

Starting in around 2015, Chi would remove older videos from his channel that were not garnering much traction anymore. Many of these videos were believed to be lost, as Chi himself typically didn't keep many of his videos and mods. However, recovery and archival efforts have been started by some fans to try and preserve his work. To date, close to 100 of his videos have been recovered, as well as some of his playable mods and original music.[1] Chi was also known to remove videos that became hit with a Content ID claim, as he did not want his videos to have ads in them. Over the course of his time on YouTube, it is believed that Chi had created more than 150 videos.


The Tomb Raider Forums homepage, as captured on March 20th, 2021. The forum's logo has been swapped out with The Great Chi's profile picture, in honor of him.

The Tomb Raider Forums homepage, as captured on March 20th, 2021

On March 19th, 2021, Chi's son uploaded a video[2] on his YouTube channel that was prepared before he died stating that he had passed away and his YouTube Channel would remain for one week so fans could download some of his older videos. All remaining videos were wiped from the account, and the FAIRWELL video was removed from YouTube on March 25th. A memorial thread was created on Tomb Raider Forums[3], and news of his death started being shared on popular Social Media websites within the Tomb Raider community.[4] The admin of Tomb Raider Forums also temporarily changed the Website Logo to Chi's Profile Picture in honor of him.

Personal Life

Very little is known about Chi's personal life, as he was relatively secretive on what information about himself was shared online. Chi had a Chinese background, and was able to speak Mandarin and English fluently, however his actual birth country is unknown. Chi has a son, and wife who had passed away sometime prior to him. He has stated that he has family in both the Eastern and Western parts of the world. Chi was Non-Religious, but spiritual and did believe in an afterlife.[5]

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