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The Reel Rejects is a YouTube Channel which mainly focuses on reacting to trailers of movies, tv shows, and video games, but they also do movie reviews, vlogs, sketches/short films, spoiler talks, as well as Dank Ass Stubs, a movie based podcast.   


The main reactor on this channel is Ryan Wright, but there are several other reactors who frequently join him, some guys, and many females. Ryan Wright is known for having an abundance of sex jokes in his videos, even when he has female guest stars. Some of these guest stars include his girlfriend, Veronica Sixtos, Salamander Sally, Jerry, AlyssaBeCrazy, Brandi Price, That Cybert Channel, Taylor Bradley, Katie Dubois, Ariana Basseri, Lauren Gaw, and Colour My Energy.  


  1. Movie News of the Week in 3 Minutes or Less
  2. Straight to the Point(short, spoiler free movie reviews)
  3. Spoiler Talk(spoiler filled movie reviews)
  4. Movie Trailer Reactions
  5. TV Show Trailer Reactions
  6. Video Game Trailer Reactions
  7. YouTube Video Reactions
  8. News Reactions
  9. Unboxing Videos
  10. Dank Ass Stubs(movie related podcast)
  11. Vine Reactions

Collaborations with other YouTubers

The Reel Rejects sometimes collaborate with other YouTubers. For example, Greg Alba of The Reel Rejects is a fan of the Screen Junkies channel. In 2018, he appeared multiple times on the Screen Junkies show Movie Fights.