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The Shadow Reader is an American YouTuber that makes horror-centered videos, specifically creepypastas as well as other content including rants.


His original YouTube channel was created on July 25, 2017. His content generally consists of creepypasta narrations from various sources including creepypasta wikis. He is best known for his narrations on lost episode creepypastas as well as his content surrounding around SuperMarioLogan. He also does videos concerning various trends or events happening on the internet and society as a whole.

His original channel got terminated sometime in 2019 due to copyright strikes regarding stories he narrated without giving credit to the origianl authors first. On August 15, 2019 he returned on the platform under the same name. It can be viewed here:[1]

Personal Life

While not much information is publicly known regarding this YouTuber, he has talked about various things he experienced in his life including his abusive childhood. Outside of YouTube, he is known for being a writer.


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