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Tony Huynh known on YouTube as TheWineKone, is a Canadian comedian and video blogger. Since the creation of his account in 2005, he has become one of the most viewed users on YouTube, as well as one of YouTube's first online personalities. In his video "'The Wine Kone' Revealed" he says that his user name "TheWineKone" is actually an anagram for "Toe Knee Hwin," which is a phonetic spelling for his actual name. Huynh is known for his long rant-like video blogs which often stray from the primary topic and contain somewhat perverse humour to varying degrees. Although he often acts hyperactive and strange in his videos, it was stated in "About Her/Their Videos" that he is simply acting for the purpose of entertainment.


Huynh's first video on YouTube was "The Delaware Boy" in December 2005. In March 2007, his video "Hotness Prevails/Worst Video Ever" was selected for Best Commentary in the first YouTube Awards. In November 2007, he helped present the launch of YouTube's Canadian site. His video submission to the 2007 CNN-YouTube Democratic presidential debate was the entry most viewed by YouTube users, and his video was highlighted by moderator Anderson Cooper before the debate. Huynh continues to vlog on YouTube and has over 28 Million upload views. He also appeared in a collab video made by Smosh called "Three guys in a hotel".