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Joe (born: April 20, 1992 (1992-04-20) [age 28]), better known online as ThioJoe, is an American Tech YouTuber. He is known for making a variety of content including comedy, tech reviews, tech news, YouTube tips, and more. he also owns multiple other YouTube channels, Thio, ThioJoeTech, Vid Authority, and ThioJoeGaming which are currently inactive. He currently now only makes tech videos that work in real life expect for osscianal instances such as Apirl Fools pranks. Joe is known for his unique style of editing and his commentary on technology.


  • "And of course, here's this week fun fact, (random, often not true fact)"
  • "And now it's time for dummy of the week, 
  • "And, here's some from Twitter"
  • Today's news is...


  • He used to make fake videos, but in September, 2016, he switched to real tech videos, abandoning his 2nd channel, ThioJoeTech.
  • ThioJoe used to have a series called 'Your Dumb Comments', but he got bored and got rid of it and made a new one called ThioNews (TNN), where he goes over fake news stories made by him and his viewers. This too was also discontinued after he got bored.
  • One of his ongoing jokes is doubling/tripling your internet speed for free.
  • He claims to have a general degree in science and a minor degree in physics.
  • Once he tricked people how to get 2 million subcribers by following a certian pattern which involved putting a #YTBoostRequest in the title which tricked certian users.
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