• It is I, a pretty regular user at this wiki.I took a quick break, but I'm back again! XD

    My name's Aysha, I heard your's is Ryan? It's nice to meet you *shakes hand*.

    My home wiki is the Wikia, but I love YouTube a lot more than diep, lol. I'm pretty much addicted, so that's why I'm here. Aside from red being my fave colour XD

    There's two reasons I came to your wall, hopefully you read em'.

    1) Pretty simple: I think y'all should put Markiplier's Wiki back into the "YouTube Wikis" section of the navbar. Idk, do what you want tho. The more important point:

    2. Y'ALL GOT NOTICED! I'm pretty sure you've seen how inactive this wiki can be, so yeah....but, I think you've heard of a guy named CrankGameplays? Ethan Nestor? You like gaming youtubers and vloggers it seems, and he's both? Well, he made a video recently (6 days ago) where he googled himself, and in it he praises this wiki RIGHT HERE saying that the page we have for him is scarily accurate! He also asks who made the page and says to put it in the comments, where I basically left a comment explaining what Wikia is! It's SUPER exciting that he put this wiki in there, because he has 400, 000+ subs and that's quite a lot of people who could now possibly check out your wiki! That's great, isn't it?

    That's all for now, I hope you respond!

    P.S: Sorry for being awkward and also sorry if I put stuff in here that broke rules left and right (I don't think I did??). I am in a rush so I didn't get the time to brush up on the rules again. But you seem pretty friendly, so I'll just go with it.

    Edit: Oh yeah here's the video where he finds this wiki-> Go to approximately 4:05 in the video, that's where he finds us!

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    • Hey there. thanks for letting us know that someone cheecked out the wiki. Its nice to know that some big YouTubers come on here.

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