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    I have been managing the wikia page for itsalexclark and I've had issues with another user posting opinionated gossip.  I had spoken with the admin Purzyckij about it and he agreed and removed the information from the "controversies tab". Unfortunately the user has returned, slightly reworded it and posted it under the history section.   As stated below, I believe they are abusing their ability to write on the page and I could use your assistance.

    Thank you for your time.

    Below is my original message to Purzycki which led to the removal of the content:

    I have been maintaining the itsalexclark wikia page and another user continually insists on writing extensive articles about controveries that are all speculative.  I do not believe they belong on the page, since they are not based on fact, but was willing to keep them in a brief nature.  The other user, instead of being open to other people's opinons, continues to make the articles longer and longer, clearly out of spite.  Any attempt I have made to show both sides of the story has been erased by the other user and replaced with their own opinions. 

    I strongly believe they are abusing their ability to write on the page and I could use your assistance in dealing with the situation.

    of the two "controversies" listed on the page. The first one is clearly speculative, and the second was never a controversy to begin with so I have no idea why it's even listed.  

    I appreciate your time and help in this matter.  

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