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Kristian Vikernes (born: February 11, 1973 (1973-02-11) [age 46]), better known online as ThuleanPerspective, is a Norwegian YouTuber best known for his one-man musical project Burzum. He was a convicted of murder and arson, subsequently serving 15 years of his prison sentence.


Most of his videos are about news, history, plans, teasers, trailers and discussions related to Burzum and his own role-playing game MYFAROG.


In June 2019, Vikernes's YouTube channel was removed from the platform. This coincided with an announcement from YouTube that it would be more aggressive in removing extremist content and hate speech which violated its terms of service. Within hours, he had created a new channel and said he would continue to post content. However, Vikernes' new channel was removed soon after.

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