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Thunderbirds101 is a video creator on YouTube, known mainly for his "text-to-speech" videos involving the computer voice Microsoft Sam.


Some of his popular videos include "Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs," which has collected over 350,000 views. Following that video, he released the first part in a series called "Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Error Messages."

Since then, Thunderbirds101 has since released a wide variety of videos, such as satirical Emergency Alert System alerts, sixteen sequels to the Stupid and Weird Signs original video, a series devoted to "Engrish," and a second series that followed Funny Windows Error Messages known as "Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors," which began on October 11, 2008. The most current season is Season 17, which has begun in January 2015.

In 2011, Thunderbirds101 began a so-called "War Trilogy," multiple video series centered around conflicts on Earth 2, a fictional planet. That trilogy is nearly complete with the third series, The Great Final War, having been delayed numerous times, including one time being outright cancelled before being rebooted.

In 2013, Thunderbirds101 began a sketch comedy series called "Blue Screen of Death." 2014 brought a new spin-off to Funny Windows Errors: "Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors EXPRESS," short episodes that featured no audience requests, no comment question, and tip of the day, adopting the barebones style of Funny Windows Errors Season 1.

Since November 2008, Thunderbirds101 has risen from a mere 114 subscribers to 1000+ subscribers in October 2009, to over 9000 in 2014.