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Timeworks (Nick) is a YouTuber that mostly does commentaries and statistics about other YouTubers or YouTube itself. He also does videos with him playing some games like Tuber Simulator and Minecraft. He runs a show every Friday called Frolic Friday, although never ends up posting it on a Friday. He discusses a lot of problems on Youtube such as people with sub-bots and comment-bots. He also occasionally posts joke Vlogging videos and tutorials like how to make a Yankee with no brim which is inspired by the Yankee with no brim meme.


His very first video on YouTube was The Luckless Marksman which was a comedy video about a hitman that was always failing to kill him.

He has done a lot of commentaries on the PewDiePie vs T-Series event, which started the growth of his channel

Now he mostly does videos where he usually talks about Youtube, Games etc.

His most popular video was Does T-Series Use Sub Bots? (ANSWERED!) Which was uploaded on the 6th of October 2018, the video has 2.5 million views

Secret YouTube channel

Timeworks is hiding his channel from most of his family, except for his brother and his uncle (Neil). He also has a contract for his brother wich says that he can't say to the rest of his family that he has a YouTube channel. His uncle only know that he's uploading videos to YouTube but he doesn't know that he has over 164K subscribers (As of June 2nd 2020) on YouTube. Timeworks says that if he gets a 1 Million subscribers on YouTube, he will reveal his YouTube Channel to the rest of his family. His family thinks that he's doing an Online job with photoshop.

Secret Play Buttons/Awards

Timeworks has 165K+ subscribers and if one has over a 100K subscribers, they will receive a Silver Play Button, but due to the fact that he does not wish to expose his second life as a YouTuber to his family, his play button is also kept secret from his family. His uncle once saw him with the Play Button in his hands but he claimed to his uncle that it is a book. His Play Button hangs on the wall but if his family comes in, he always hides his Play Button and YouTube cosmetics in his room away.

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