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Tom Charles O'Grady (born: March 9, 1990 (1990-03-09) [age 29]) better known online as Tom Fawkes, also known as TomKitsune, is a YouTuber that is best known for being a member of the Derp Crew. He calls his fans the Tomunists, and their motto is "everyone is equal, but some more then others." He enjoys RPGs and Livestreams. On his livestream channel, subcribers are known as "The Elite Tomunist Party." A reference to his Minecraft survival series with the Derp Crew.

The Derp Crew

Tom is currently a member of the Derp Crew. He was part of the original group but was kicked out due to inactivity. He joined them again once they reformed. The current members are: TehSmartyChilledChaosGaLmHD, ZeRoyalViking, and himself. He is a part of their series DerpCraft.

In 2018, Tom would more to texas and become roomates with GaLmHD before moving into his own house with his currently roomates with ZeRoyalViking.

Personal life

Tom now lives in Texas with ZeRoyalViking but he used to live in Connecticut. He and ChilledChaos's Mario Kart team name is "Connecticunts." As revealed in a Mario Kart video, his real name is Tom O'Grady, which makes him Irish by ethnicity.

Featured Channels

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