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Tommy Callanan (born: September 24, 1976 (1976-09-24) [age 47]) is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer.


Tommy C makes videos about YouTube drama, as well as giving platforms to controversial individuals. Tommy is best known for his participation in the radio show Baited! and inviting controversial individuals onto his personal show to have them speak, most notably Ivory, YouTuber Pyrocynical[1]'s accuser. Tommy's first videos uploaded to YouTube were about hockey[2] related content and he had a podcast dedicated to sports commentary[3]. He would keep making hockey videos for about 3 years until he decided to move on to more lucrative opportunities and cover drama in the YouTube community. Tommy C invited people like LeafyIsHere, ColossalIsCrazy, Zoie Burgher and H3H3productions onto his show, which at the time was called Baited! He quickly gained infamy for his feuds with well known people throughout the YouTube drama community, such as Keemstar[4], Kavos[5] and LtCobra[6].

Currently Tommy streams a few times a week about topics related to YouTubers that interest him. He describes himself as "like a radio show, kinda", as he often invites people to call in and talk.

Personal Life[]

Tommy was born in New Jersey, September 24, 1976. Not too much is documented about his early life, but he joined the US Army in 2004 at 28 years of age, serving in Iraq from 2007 until 2008. After his tour in Iraq he posted on YouTube and had two children, before settling in Germany with his wife and kids.


Feud with Keemstar[]

Tommy was a co-host of Keemstar's show Baited! where controversy began when Keemstar accused[7] Tommy of wanting a $5,000 USD raise for the show.

A few hours after this happened, Clown (another co-host) went on the show's Discord server. He claimed that he wanted there to be an even split for pay, going from Keem getting 50%, Clown 30%, and Tommy 20% to everyone getting 33% of the channel's revenue. Keemstar believed that he advertised the most and brought in the better episodes of the first season such as the Leafy and h3h3 podcasts, meaning he thought he was the most important figure in the channel and should therefore recieve a higher pay. Tommy also had a much smaller fanbase which was made mostly of Baited! fans so he couldn't bring in as many new people to watch the show, and also that most of his fame had come from this show[8]. Clown believed that tommy deserved an equal share regardless of how many viewers he brought to the show[9][10][11]. Keemstar, however, thought he was being manipulated and that they wanted to give him less credit for all the work he did for the show and that resulted in a large argument and the downfall[12] of Baited!.

Feud with Britbongreturns[]

Around the time when H3H3 was promoting known spammer, doxxer, and banned YouTuber/Twitch streamer BritbongReturns, One of Tommy's staff members was sent highly illegal images portraying a minor (I think you know what that is) during one of his livestreams, from one of Britbong's common alt accounts.

Britbong would later attempt to join the VC in Tommy's discord server, Before being immediately banned by Nicholas DeOrio. He has since gone on to threaten multiple people, Including Tommy, AugieRFC, Bowblax, and DeOrio, With DMCA takedowns. To no avail. Britbong now resides on a video streaming site similar to YouTube named Odysee, Where he posts videos attempting to prove his innocence.

Feud with EmeryEXP[]

Around July 21, 2021, a Twitter user named RoraPickles made a twitter post in which she said how her Youtube/Twitch job is harder than expected and saying she owns businesses. Many people had mixed reception to this post, most viewing it negatively such as Tommy. He said that her version of streaming "is like curing cancer" and she claims that her job is harder than others.

A Twitch Streamer named EmeryEXP claimed that being in the military is tiresome[13] and making content is exhausting because of it. Tommy, who had been a soldier, criticized EmeryEXP's comment. Tommy then posted a image of stolen valor[14], Emery defended herself by posting an image of herself in a military uniform bearing numerous awards. Tommy remained silent afterwards when he stopped replying, but later he made a video on Emery.

Video[15] by Bowblax covering the drama.


  • The SFTP in his name stands for Shot from the Point, a reference to his love for hockey
  • His zodiac sign is Libra