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Top Trending is a YouTube channel which creates top lists based on various different topics, including, but not limited to, video games, movies, music, as well as many real world topics like shocking subjects, horror, murder, food, history, coincidences, business, natural disasters, and many, many, many more; literally any subject and topic can be discussed on this channel.

Contrary to its name, Top Trending does not always post content that is currently trending. It prides itself on its self proclamation that it features "The most random, yet interesting videos on the web!"

The majority of Top Trending's videos are done in the form of lists, usually constituting a top five or top ten countdown. Although this is the norm, sometimes the video countdown total will be very random, for example a top 12 or top 18 list. However, equally as randomly, the video may only address one topic and forgo the list format altogether.

Top Trending, although having its own uncredited staff, will often use guest commentators from other channels; giving that channels information in the video's description. BaerTaffy is a very frequent guest commentator on the channel.

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