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TotallySketch has been featured by Wikitubia
TotallySketch has more than One Million Subscribers
TotallySketch is a Vlogger
TotallySketch creates skits and sketch videos
TotallySketch is from the United States
TotallySketch is male
TotallySketch created their account in 2009
TotallySketch is a Content Creator on YouTube

Michael Gallagher (born: December 6, 1988 (1988-12-06) [age 33]), better known online as TotallySketch.


TotallySketch provides sketch comedy, interactive adventures, horror shorts, web series, vlogs, Q&A's and even feature length movies. TotallySketch uploaded a video called INTERACTIVE SEX -Start Here. It turned out to be the most viewed video on the channel.

TotallySketch Originals

TotallySketch Originals is another channel which that provides interactive games and short films it has over 15 thousand subscribers.

Web Series

TotallySketch has a web series that has interactive games and short films. The Series has had 7 seasons and 103 episodes.

List of Series

  • Totally Sketch Originals
  • Interactive Games
  • Short Films
  • Smiley Movie Videos


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