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Gabrielle, better known online as Toys And Little Gaby, is an English YouTuber who makes vlogs alongside her mother Sabine and brother Alex.


The channel was set up three years ago by their mother Sabine, 28, originally from Latvia, who now runs it as a full-time job. Dedicated to 'kids fun', it promises to 'do pretend play for kids, kids challenges, playing with kids toys and other activities'.

The colourful videos follow Gaby and Alex as they play games and open toys around their home. It sees Gaby and Alex climb into a bath in adorable swimming outfits, splash around with toys and wash their hair, all accompanied by a jolly soundtrack.

Toys and Little Gaby has more subscribers than the CBeebies or Cartoon Network YouTube channels and has been dubbed number one in Britain by digital analytics company Social Blade. The company, which tracks the performance of 23 million channels, said its earnings could be well over £1million, though Sabine refused to reveal how much it has pocketed to date. However, she admitted the family are thinking of upgrading their unassuming suburban home thanks to the channel's £1million yearly revenue.

Speaking about her decision to set up the channel, Sabine explained: 'When they were smaller they liked watching YouTube videos, and we just thought we should try it.'

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