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Trisha Hershberger is an American YouTuber who first gained notoriety as a host on SourceFed. She was with the channel from 2012 to early 2015. After her departure, she made occasional guest appearances including in the final SourceFed video released in March 2017.


Since leaving SourceFed, Trisha has become best known for her series The Naked Truth. In it, she vlogs naked about various topics. Trisha emphasizes that The Naked Truth is NOT a sexy show, hence why it is done from the shoulders up and no private parts are shown. Instead, it is about being vulnerable and sharing one's true feelings without the pretense of clothes and makeup. Trisha encourages her followers to make their own responses to her videos. Some choose to do so naked, others prefer to remain clothed. Trisha has dubbed her fellow naked vloggers the "Naked Army". She sometimes has guests on the Naked Truth but these interviews are usually done via Skype so as to prevent Trisha and the guest from seeing each other fully nude.

In addition to The Naked Truth, Trisha also does tech videos where she reviews the latest gadgets and the occasional DIY video. She has her own Twitch channel where she plays new video games and gives away prizes to her fans.


Trisha sometimes collaborates with other fellow YouTubers, for example she has appeared on several Screen Junkies Shows, including several episodes of Screen Junkies Movie Fights and The Screen Junkies Geek Games.

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